Radio Memories



C13406 11/14/42 White Christmas (Closing Clipped)
              11/21/42 White Christmas (VG)
C13407 12/07/42 White Christmas (Rehearsal)
              01/09/43 There Are Such Things
C14146 11/13/43 Paper Doll
              12/04/43 People Will Say We're In Love
C14148 01/22/44 My Heart Tells Me
              02/19/44 I Couldn't Sleep A Wink Last Night
C14153 03/20/44 Long Ago & Far Away
              03/25/44 Shoo Shoo Baby
C14154 05/13/44 Long Ago & Far Away
              06/03/44 Long Ago & Far Away
C14155 06/10/44 Long Ago & Far Away
              07/01/44 I'll Be Seeing You
C14156 07/08/44 I'll Be Seeing You
              07/15/44 I'll Be Seeing You
C19510 08/05/44 I'll Be Seeing You
              08/19/44 Amour
C19407 01/20/45 Don't Fence Me In
              02/03/45 Don't Fence Me In
C19408 02/10/45 Accentuate The Positive
              03/03/45 Accentuate The Positive
C19409 03/10/45 Accentuate The Positive (VG)
              03/24/45 My Dreams Are Getting Better (VG+)
C19312 04/07/45 My Dreams Are Getting Better
              06/23/45 Sentimental Journey (VG-)
C14449 08/04/45 If I Loved You
              08/18/45 Sentimental Journey
C14441 09/01/45 If I Loved You
              09/22/45 Till The End Of Time
C08018 09/29/45 Till The End Of Time
              10/06/45 Till The End Of Time
C19511 10/13/45 I'll Buy That Dream
              10/20/45 Till The End Of Time
C19512 11/03/45 It's Been A Long, Long Time
              11/17/45 It's Been A Long, Long Time
C19521 04/20/46 Oh, What It Seemed To Be
              07/20/46 The Gypsy
C19522 08/03/46 The Gypsy (VG)
              08/10/46 They Say It's Wonderful
C19523 11/09/46 Rumors Are Flying (VG; Speed Changes)
              12/28/46 Ole Buttermilk Sky (VG-)
C19410 01/10/48 Ballerina
              01/17/48 How Soon
C14166 05/06/48 Now Is The Hour
              05/22/48 Nature Boy
C14862 05/29/48 Nature Boy
              06/26/48 Nature Boy
              09/11/48 A Tree In The Meadow
C14167 07/10/48 The Woody Woodpecker Song
              07/17/48 Long Ago & Far Away
C14168 07/24/48 The Woody Woodpecker Song
              07/31/48 You Can't Be True, Dear
C19411 08/07/48 It's Magic
              11/12/49 That Lucky Old Sun
              10/21/50 Good Night Irene
C19412 03/08/52 Cry
              12/26/52 White Christmas (Commercials chopped, skips)
C19413 06/25/55 Cherry Pink & Apple Blossom White
              11/25/55 Sixteen Tons (G/VG)