Radio Memories



     With the winds of war blowing in Europe, CBS broadcast, as part of it's daily programming, the day by day developments both within America and Europe.  Each broadcast is 15 minutes in length and the lead story for each broadcast is identified here.  Hear the important news stories from the different hot spots of Europe, England, and America.  Hear it now as it happened then.  Hear Bob Trout, Edward R. Murrow, and Elmer Davis.
C01533 07/04/40 Britain Seizes French Fleet
              07/05/40 Italian Foreign Minister Visits Berlin
              07/06/40 British Action Against French Fleet
              07/08/40 Germany Steps Up Raids On Britain
C01534 07/09/40 Fascist State Coming In France
              07/10/40 Hungarian Prime Minister To Munich
              07/11/40 Romania Ready To Talk Territorial Problems With Hungary
              07/12/40 German Officials Over Occupied Countries
C01535 07/13/40 German Warships In Atlantic
              07/15/40 German Army Ready To Hit Britain
              07/16/40 German Press Warning To Britain
              07/17/40 German Invasion Plans Perfected
C01536 07/18/40 German In Victory Parade
              07/19/40 Hitler Asks Britain For Peace
              07/20/40 Sea Battle Near Gibraltar
              07/22/40 Halifax Replies To Hitler Speech
C01537 07/23/40 Increased German Air Activity Over Britain
              07/24/40 Germany Continues Predicting Invasion
              07/25/40 US Embargo On Oil, Scrap To Spain
              07/26/40 Romania Agrees To Concessions To Hungary
C01538 07/27/40 Romanian Delegation To Meet Duce
              07/29/40 Romania Agrees With Bulgaria And Hungary On Territorial Claims
              07/30/40 Spy Scare In Japan
              07/31/40 Senate Amending Draft Bill
C01539 08/01/40 Molotov Says War May Reach Western Hemisphere
              08/02/40 Senate Committee Refuses Draft Limitation
              08/03/40 Japan Complains Regarding Gas Embargo
              08/05/40 Italy Advances In North Africa
C01540 08/06/40 US And Russian In New Trade Pact
              08/08/40 Senate Passes National Guard Bill
              08/09/40 US Ambassador Cudahy To Bulgaria, Reprimanded And Ordered Home
              08/10/40 State Department Opens Offices At Dakar, Newfoundland
C01541 08/12/40 Battle For Somal Capital Under Way
              08/13/40 Britain Repels Attack In Somal
              08/14/40 Italy Threatens Retaliatory Raid On Britain
              08/15/40 German And Italian Tension Grows
C01542 08/16/40 US Seeks Defense Of Western
                                Hemisphere In Negotiations With Canada And Britain
              08/17/40 Britain Draws Back In Somal
              08/18/40 Hitler Claims 138 British Planes
              08/19/40 US And Canada Speed Defense Action
C01543 08/20/40 First Army Maneuvers
              08/21/40 US Ships Runs Gauntlet Out Of Finland
              08/22/40 FDR Will Speak In South
              08/23/40 FDR Gets National Guard Mobilization Power
C01544 08/24/40 Buenos Aires - Discusses Ortes Position, Cabinet Changes
              08/26/40 Another Draft-Bill Amendment
              08/27/40 Fighting Between Romanian And Russian-Hungarian Forces
              08/28/40 Senate draft vote expected tonight
C01545 08/29/40 Transylvanian Problem Still Being Discussed In Vienna
              08/30/40 Italy Bombs Malta
              08/31/40 Most Of Transylvania Given To Hungary
              09/02/40 Heavy Damage From Night Raids Over Britain
C01546 09/03/40 Continued Unrest In Balk
              09/04/40 Air Attacks; London Hit
              09/05/40 US Considers Sending Tanks To Canada
              09/06/40 Draft Amendments Attempted
C01547 09/07/40 House Of Representatives Adds Amendment To Draft Bill
              09/09/40 Myron Taylor Says Pius XII Still Hopes For Peace
              09/14/40 German Invasion Expected This Weekend
              09/16/40 FDR Signs Draft Bill
C01548 09/17/40 Channel Storms Scatters German Invasion Fleet
              09/18/40 London Hit
              09/19/40 Air Raids On London
              09/20/40 RAF Repulses German Raids
C01549 09/21/40 London Raids Weaker Tonight
              09/23/40 British Fleet Shells Dakar
              09/24/40 Pétain Forces Hold In Dakar Against DeGaulle
              09/25/40 British And Free-France Abandon Dakar Effort