Radio Memories



     Heard from 03/03/52 to 11/25/60 over ABC and then from 1959 until the end over CBS.  Story lines were complete in each 20 minute installment until around 1957 when stories were lengthened to be complete after 5 episode installments.  Gertrude Warner, Cathy Lewis, Bette Davis and Anne Seymour all took turns as Hostess - Narrator.
C10532 The Boy Who Wanted To Die
C10533 Jilted
              Airline Stewardess
C10534 Anne Dearborn
              Gold Digging Cowboy
C10535 A Hole In One
              The Distraught Mother
C10536 Homicidal Jealousy
              The Old Flame
C10537 Spoiled Little Girl
              The Country Girl
C16514 Best Birthday Ever
              Moment Of Temptation
C16513 Elopement
              Someone To Lean On
C16517 Gratitude Of Man
              The Orphan
C16518 Living With a Ghost
              Throwback To Youth
C16516 Marriage For Money
              A New Woman
C17814 A Hateful Mother
              Dog Of Fate
C17815 Memories Of A Sister
              Reverend Kingsley's Retirement
C17816 The Actors
              The Blind Girl
C17817 The Desperado
              The Woman Who Wouldn't Die
C16515 Through a Lane of Flowers
              Career Woman