Radio Memories



     Heard over the Mutual radio network from 03/15/50 to 01/02/52.  The programs were produced in New York and was one of the first science fiction dramas for adults.  Heard in the cast were Lon Clark, Amzie Strickland, Joseph Julian, Bryna Raeburn and Bill Keene.
C06878 03/29/50 The Men From Mars
              04/26/50 When The Machines Went Mad
C06879 05/03/50 When Worlds Met
              05/17/50 The Insect
C06880 09/28/50 The Green Thing
              11/05/50 The Giant Walks
C06881 11/12/50 Worlds Apart
                             The Rocket & The Skull
C06882 A Veteran Comes Home
              Flying Saucers
C06883 The Robot Killer
              The Brooklyn Brain