Radio Memories



     Heard from 06/14/31 until 06/13/38.  First aired over WOR in New York locally, the program then was picked up by Mutual on 10/15/34 and carried on the network.  The teller of "tales," was a character named "Old Nancy."  First played by Adelaide Fitz-Allen until she died at 79 in 1935.  She was replaced by Miriam Wolfe, a 13 year old actor from the Let's Pretend program.  She had an amazing ability to sound like a very old woman.  Alonzo Deen Cole was the writer and director of the series.
C06977 The Suicide
              The Altar Of Hate
C07104 The Troth Of Death
              The Devil's Number
C07105 The Devil Doctor
             The Boa Goddess
C07106 The Devil Mask
              Rat In A Trap
C07107 The Knife Of Sacrifice
              The Haunted Crossroads
C07108 The Puzzle
              The Wedding Gift
C16454 The Graveyard Mansion
              The Hairy Monster
C16450 The Statue of Thor
              The Flying Dutchman, Part 1
C16453 1931 Frankenstein
              House of the Bridegroom
C16449 05/25/32 Rock-a-Bye Baby
              10/24/32 Share & Share Alike
C16452 07/25/34 The Wonderful Bottle
               11/??/34 The Confession
C16451 01/08/37 In The Devil's Name
              00/00/39 Four Fingers & A Thumb