Radio Memories



     This NBC program was aired on a sustaining basis, Sundays at 5-- 00 p.m.  The series only lasted 13 episodes and starred Carlton Young in the title role as Peter Gualt (The Whisperer).  The story is that of a man who leads a double life, one as a lawyer and the other as a crime syndicate front.  Peter Gualt has a strange speech impediment which causes him to speak in a whisper at all times.  A gifted surgeon performed an operation which not only allowed him to speak in a normal voice, but allowed him to revert back to the whisper at will.  The only person that knows about Gualt's double life is Ellen Morris, a nurse who assisted in the operation.  Betty Moran played Ellen Morris, scripts were written by Jonathan Twice, music by Johnny Duffy (organist) and the series was produced and directed by Bill Karn
(Note: An asterisk (*) marks shows with distortion.)
C08983 07/08/51 # 1 Teatime For Teenagers
              07/15/51 # 2 Attempted Murder
C08984 07/22/51 # 3 Hippity Hoppity
              07/29/51 # 4 Policeman In Danger
C08985 08/05/51 # 5 What Ye Bow
              08/12/51 # 6 The Fight Game
C08986 08/19/51 # 7 Into Each Life
              08/26/51 # 8 Taken For A Ride (*)
C08987 09/02/51 # 9 Stanley Hayes Must Die By Midnight The Following Day (*)
              09/09/51 #10 Woman On Ice (*)
C08988 09/16/51 #11 Never The Twain (*)
              09/23/51 #12 The Police Lieutenant (*)
C08989 09/30/51 #13 Strange Bed Fellows (*)