Radio Memories



     This comic mystery is based on the novel by Dashiell Hammett and aired on the radio at the same time the character was appearing on the big screen in movie theaters around the country.  Six motion pictures were made between 1934 and 1947.  On radio, this series was heard on NBC (07/02/41 - 12/23/42) then moved to CBS (01/08/43 - 12/26/47), back to NBC (06/22/48 - 09/22/48) and finally on to the ABC network (10/28/48 - 09/01/50).
C10459 00/00/00 Murder In The Record Shop
              10/10/43 The Wedding Anniversary
C10460 10/01/44 The Trunk Murder
              12/01/44 The Blackmail Murder Case
C10461 07/06/48 The Passionate Palooka
              07/13/48 The Haunted Hams