Radio Memories



     First heard over the Mutual network, sponsored by Goodyear Tire and Rubber from 11/21/44 to 05/15/45.  The series then moved to NBC for Miles Laboratories from 10/05/46 to 03/29/47.  A sponsor change to Quaker Oats and back again to Mutual had the show on the air from 08/29/48 to 05/13/51.  The final network change found the program back on NBC again from 10/05/51 until 07/21/55.  Roy played himself and was billed, like in the movies, as the "king of the cowboys."
C07612 #108 Land Of Blue Shadows
              #112 Red River Valley
C07613 #123 Stampede
              #137 Boat Trip Back From Hawaii
C07614 01/23/45 Sarah Berner
              01/30/45 Tom Barnes
C07615 05/08/45 Pecos Bill (V-E Day)
              10/12/51 Ed Bailey's Bad Luck
C07616 10/19/51 Night Riders
              10/26/51 Old Prospecting Friends
C07617 11/02/51 Doug Manson Gang
              11/09/51 Going After The Counterfeiters
C07618 11/16/51 Lawman's Badge
              11/23/51 The DeBona Gang
C07619 11/30/51 The Map
              12/21/51 Christmas Show
C07620 12/28/51 Manson & Norris, Outlaws
              01/04/52 Andy Sayles, Back From The Past
C07621 01/11/52 Cattle Swindle
              01/18/52 The Outlaw Trail
C07622 01/25/52 Wake Of The Storm
              02/11/52 Rustlers In Paradise Valley
C07623 02/08/52 The Jinxed Ranch
              02/15/52 The Gold Fields
C07624 02/22/52 Hideaway
              02/29/52 Professor Manson & His Wife
C07625 03/07/52 John Kennedy, Escaped Outlaw
              03/14/52 Lee Bulow & His Gang
C07626 03/21/52 Herb Shelby Trapped In Cabin
              03/28/52 Gold In The Desert
C07627 04/04/52 Sid Kenyou's Frogs
              04/11/52 Sheriff Expecting Evidence In Egan Case
C07628 08/25/52 Paradise Valley Sweepstakes
              09/04/52 George Allison
C07629 09/11/52 The Fish That Told A Story
              09/18/52 Red Danger & Black Gold
C07630 09/25/52 A Rip Roarin' Rodeo Yarn
              10/02/52 Pat Gets Roy Into A Fix
C07631 10/09/52 Fred's Ranch
              10/16/52 A Story About Indians
C07632 10/23/52 Lee Fox & Len dean
              10/30/52 The Halloween Gold Mine
C07633 11/06/52 Range War
              11/13/52 Richest Rancher In Paradise Valley
C07634 11/20/52 Greatest Horse In The World
              11/27/52 Feuding Fathers
C07635 12/04/52 The Last Stagecoach
              12/11/52 The Boiling Treasure Chest
C07636 12/18/52 Dale Plans A Surprise
              12/25/52 The Night Before Christmas
C07637 01/01/53 Prison Break - New Year's Eve
              01/08/53 The Key
C07638 01/15/53 Albert Larrimore & Dan Sutton
              01/22/53 Valley Wide Rodeo
C07639 01/29/53 Jeff Kaufmann's New Dude Ranch
              02/05/53 Jane Farmer
C07640 02/12/53 The Blizzard
              02/19/53 Centennial Celebration - Jewel Robbery
C07641 02/26/53 Checkered Neckerchief
              03/05/53 Chochera, Chief Of Apaches
C07642 03/12/53 Charles Ryder
              03/19/53 Black Gold In Paradise Valley
C15042 04/15/54 That Strawberry Roan
              04/22/54 This Old House
C15044 05/01/54 The Streets of Laredo
              07/01/54 Y'all Come
C15043 07/08/54 The Spell of Indian Magic
              07/15/54 My Little Buckaroo