Radio Memories



     First heard 09/07/43 on NBC and ending on 06/25/48, it moved to CBS from 06/29/48 to 06/19/51, and was last heard over the ABC network beginning 10/03/51.  The series left the air on 06/30/54.  Frank Lovejoy, Raymond Edward Johnson, and Richard Widmark were among many appearing.
C05790 06/05/45 The Beckoning Fair One
              06/19/45 The Gionconda Smile
C05791 03/29/46 The Creeper
              04/19/46 Follow That Cab
C05792 04/26/46 The Doctor & The Lunatic
              05/10/46 The Further Adventures Of Kenny Angles
C05793 06/21/46 The Hands Of Mr. Ottermole
              11/14/47 Four Fatal Jugglers
C05794 04/30/48 Make No Mistake
              06/14/48 Close Shave
C05795 06/21/48 Solo Performance
                             Good Bye Darling