Radio Memories



     This series had a relatively short broadcast run.  First heard over CBS as a 9 week experimental run of 60 minute programs, CBS then order an additional 13 weeks making the initial broadcast run from 07/11/38 to 12/04/38. The series surfaced again in the 30 minute format from 06/07/40 to 09/13/40. In between the series' name was actually changed.  Known by the sponsors name, it was called The Campbell Playhouse from 12/09/38 to 03/31/40, as a 60 minute broadcast.  This series also resumed between 11/29/40 and 06/13/41 as a 30 minute program.  Both programs featured "the boy wonder" of stage and radio, with his famous "Mercury Players" acting company featuring Martin Gabel, Ray Collins, Kenny Delmar, Edgar Barrier, Paul Stewart, Agnes Moorehead, Joseph Cotton and others.  It was this series that gave us the well known radio scare with the invasion from Mars.
C06317 07/11/38 # 1 Dracula  w/Orson Welles, Elizabeth Farrell
C06318 07/18/38 # 2 Treasure Island  w/Orson Welles, Arthur Anderson
C06319 07/25/38 # 3 A Tale Of Two Cities  w/Orson Welles, Martin Gabel
C13748 08/01/38 # 4 The Thirty Nine Steps (Rehearsal)
C06320 08/08/38 # 5 I'm A Fool / The Open Window / My Little Boy
                                       w/Orson Welles, Edgar Barrier, Ray Collins
C06321 08/15/38 # 6 Abraham Lincoln  w/Orson Welles, Ray Collins, Karl Swenson
C13749 08/22/38 # 7 The Affairs Of Anatole w/Ray Collins & Arlene Francis
C13750 08/29/38 # 8 The Count Of Monte Cristo w/Edgar Barrier & Ray Collins
C13751 09/05/38 # 9 The Man Who Was Thursday w/Edgar Barrier, Ray Collins
C13752 09/11/38 #10 Julius Ceasar w/George Coulouris & Martin Gable
C13753 09/25/38 #12 The Immortal Sherlock Holmes w/Edgar Barrier, Ray Collins
C06322 10/09/38 #14 Hell On Ice w/William Allen & Ray Collins
C13754 10/16/38 #15 Seventeen w/Patty Chapman & Ray Collins
C06323 10/23/38 #16 Around The World In 80 Days
                                       w/Orson Welles, Ray Collins, Stefan Schnabel
C06324 10/30/38 #17 The War Of The Worlds w/Orson Welles, Frank Readick, Bill Herz
C13755 11/06/38 #18 Heart Of Darkness / Gift Of The Magi / Life With Father
C13756 11/13/38 #19 A Passenger To Bali w/Ray Collins, George Coulouris
C13757 11/20/38 #20 Pickwick Papers w/Edgar Barrier, Ray Collins