Radio Memories



     News dramatizations and a documentary of the current events of the day, The March Of Time first aired over CBS 03/06/31.  The initial idea came from a local ten minute news broadcast over WLW, Cincinnati in 1928.  The station lacked the news gathering resources of the larger stations,  so it was decided to dramatize the news.  The idea caught on in a big way and the program began syndication to other stations.  Soon a group of actors, sound effects personnel and writers were gathered to produced this first rate series at CBS.  There was nothing like it before and shortly thereafter developed its critics and promoters.  Last heard over ABC on 07/26/45.
C13581 03/29/35 War Surplus Horses Used On Farm
              04/05/35 Anthony Eden In U.S.S.R. And Europe
C13582 08/26/35 Mussilini And Ethiopia
              08/27/35 Mussilini And Ethiopia
              08/28/35 Marconi And Mussilini
              08/29/35 Upcoming Presidential Campaign
C13583 04/17/36 Negro Lives In Capitol
              04/24/36 Chamberlain's Budget
              05/07/36 Red Flag Over Supreme Court
              05/11/36 Lakehurst, New Jersey - Hindenberg
C13584 05/12/36 Kidnapping
              05/13/36 Police Shoot Mrs. Wiggens
              05/14/36 Summerville Fire
              05/15/36 Moscow Plane / Research / Aesthma
C13585 05/20/36 Moscow, Hypnotist
              05/21/36 Alf Landon, Republican Front Runner
              05/27/36 157th Efron Downs Derby
              05/28/36 Dr. Frances E. Townsand, House Committee
C13586 10/21/37 Musical
              10/28/37 New York City Mayor
C13587 11/18/37 Britain Prepares
              11/25/37 Labor Leader
C13588 01/06/38 Gunboat Paney
              01/13/38 Tom Tom Heflen
C13589 01/20/38 Labor And Industry
              01/27/38 C.C.C. Fraud
C13590 02/03/38 Laguardia
              02/10/38 The Philipines And Golf
C13591 02/17/38 Singing Valentines
              03/03/38 Austria
C13592 03/10/38 Ramsey MacDonald, Ex-Prime Minister
              03/17/38 Austrian Anschluss
C13593 03/24/38 Garbo And Stockowski
              03/31/38 Spanish Civil War
C16663 03/17/39 Hitler's March On Czechoslovakia
              12/11/41 First Week At War