Radio Memories



     Known for her gossipy comments and celebrity interviews, Hedda Hopper starred on her own radio program beginning on CBS as a 15 minute, three times a week on 11/06/39.  The sponsor was Sunkist Fruits.  From 10/02/44 until 09/03/45 Armour Treet sponsored the once a week program.  The program then changed networks to ABC from 09/10/45 until 06/03/46 and again sponsored by Armour once a week.  Her final move back to CBS, under the title This Is Hollywood, was sponsored by Procter & Gamble and heard from 10/05/46 to 06/28/47 once a week, still as a 15 minute program.  Hedda's last season on the air not only had a time format change to 30 minutes, but also a change to NBC.  From 10/14/50 until 11/11/50 on Saturdays, then from 11/19/50 to 05/20/51 on Sundays, she was heard hosting a program that contained talk, music and dramatized radio excerpts from films.  These programs contain a variety of Hollywood's biggest names.
C02324 10/14/50 # 1 w/Humphrey Bogart, Earl Cox, Jr. (American Legion Commander),
                                       Helen Brodrick, Brodrick Crawford, Selections From
                                       Musical "Red, White, And Blue."
              10/21/50 # 2 w/William Holden, Dan Duryea, Josh White (Folksinger),
                                       Sir Miles Thomas (Aviation Pioneer)
C02325 10/28/50 # 3 w/Colleen Townsend, Shelly Winters, Pamela & James Mason,
                                       A Memorial Tribute To Al Jolson.
              11/04/50 # 4 w/Van Heflin, Betty Hutton, Joseph Cotton, Bob Hope
C02326 11/11/50 # 5 w/Ezio Pinza, Barbara Stanwyck, Audie Murphy,
                                       Senator-Elect Richard Nixon
              11/19/50 # 6 w/Arlene Dahl, Andy Devine, Mario Lanza,
                                       Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Colman
C02327 11/26/50 # 7 w/Chill Wills ("Francis The Mule"), Carl Breton (Singer),
                                       Bette Davis, "Success" Monologue
              12/03/50 # 8 w/Dinah Shore, Mary Garden (Opera), Richard Widmark,
                                       Victor Mature
C02328 12/10/50 # 9 w/Eric Johnson, Carmen Miranda, Howard Duff, Ida Lupino
                                       And Keith Purcell
              12/17/50 #10 w/Irene Dunne, Spike Jones, Laurence Olivier, Raymond Massey
C02329 12/31/50 #11 w/Previews Of 1951, w/Jean Hersholt, Dick Contino, Tony Curtis,
                                        Faith Domergue, Frank Lovejoy, Jan Sterling, Howard Keel,
                                        "A Star Is Born" (A Recreation)
              01/07/51 #12 w/Gordon MacRae, Andre Prevon, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Conte,
                                        Jimmy McHugh & Harold Adamson (Song Writers)
C02330 01/14/51 #13 w/Dean Jagger, Dorothy Lamour, Gregory Peck, Claire Phillips
                                        (American Woman Spy In WWII)
              01/21/51 #14 w/Fernando Lamas, Pola Negri, Sterling Holloway, Loretta Young
C02331 01/28/51 #15 w/Mel Torme, Preston Sturgess (Playwrite), Jan Sterling,
                                        Paul Douglas
              02/04/51 #16 w/Alan Young, Vic Damone, Mike Romanov (Restaurateur),
                                         Burt Lancaster
C02332 02/11/51 #17 w/Danny Thomas, Sharmon Douglas (Diplomat),
                                        Carolina Cotton (Country Singer), Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
              02/18/51 #18 w/Tony Martin, Hope Emerson, Anne Baxter, John Hodiak
C02333 02/25/51 #19 w/David Niven, Dorothy Shay (Singer), Rosalind Russell
              03/04/51 #20 w/Roy Rogers & Dale Evans, Mel Morris (Animal Trainer),
                                        Claudette Colbert
C02334 03/18/51 #22 w/J. Carroll Naish, Wallace Ford, John Charles Thomas
              03/25/51 #23 w/Charles Durand & Guy Briand (Singers), Ethel Barrymore,
                                        Robert Merrill, Louise Rainer
C02335 04/01/51 #24 w/Agnes Moorehead, Dore Schary (Producer), Danny Kaye
              04/08/51 #25 w/Andrew Sisters, Richard Carlson, Charles Boyer
C02336 04/15/51 #26 w/Abbott And Costello, Jane Russell, Dorothy McGuire
              04/22/51 #27 w/William Farham (Silent Films), Marina Corchettes (Opera),
                                        Gregory Peck
C02337 04/29/51 #28 Interview w/Mario Lanza (incomplete show - only about 5 minutes)
              05/13/51 #30 w/Caesar Romero (Mother's Day Tribute), Guy Briand &
                                        Charles Durand (Singers), Paulette Goddard, George