Radio Memories



     Syndicated program, probably originating from WXYZ, Detroit, starring Rolon Parker and John Todd.  The basic story line is of a small railroad just after the turn of the twentieth century in the town of Morristown.
C15678 # 1 The Green Valley Line May Be Sold
              # 2 A $160,000 Mortgage On The Railroad Is Due In Three Months
              # 3 A Chance For The Railroad To Get A Mail Contract
              # 4 Planning For The Mail Race
C15679 # 5 An Offer From The C.K. And W. To Buy The Green Valley Line
              # 6 The Race Begins, But Sabotage Is Possible
              # 7 The Mail Arrives Ahead Of Schedule
              # 8 The Green Valley Line Wins The Race
C15680 # 9 A Celebration Dance Is Held
              #10 Green Valley Line Workers Are Quitting
              #11 Carrie Graham Goes To Work For The Green Valley Line
              #12 Lost Time And A New Engineer
C15681 #13 The Dispatcher’s Office Is Wrecked
              #14 Possible Take Over And A Stock Holders Meeting
              #15 Intrigue At The Stockholders Meeting
              #16 An Attempt To Get Into The Railroad Safe
C15682 #17 Bill Reid And Judge Merrick Escape
              #18 A Near Riot
              #19 Bill Threatens To Quit
              #20 Problems With The $70,000 Mortgage Payment
(90 Minute Tape)
C15683 #21 A Gold Mine Sale To Raise The Mortgage Payment
              #22 Bill Has Some Good News
              #23 The New Fireman, Rufus Porter
              #24 Plans Sabotaged To Trick The C.K. And W. Railroad
              #25 The Mortgage Is Made
              #26 Secret Wedding Plans Are Known