Radio Memories



     This 30 minute format series aired on the West Coast first over the Mutual-Don Lee Network beginning on 01/11/51.  Each broadcast is a complete story line.  The CBS network later picked up this series and aired it from 03/22/52 to 06/27/53.  Lamont Johnson was heard as Tarzan.  This was a Walter White Commodore production and was sponsored by General Foods and Post Toasties.
C07661 01/11/51 The Decoy
              01/18/51 Black Ivory
C07662 01/25/51 The Hooded Death
              02/01/51 The Manuema
C07663 02/08/51 The Siren Of Omdurmara
              02/15/51 Black Gold Of Africa
C07664 02/22/51 The Coward
              03/01/51 The Female Of The Species
C07665 03/08/51 The End Of The World
              03/15/51 Across A Continent
C07666 03/22/51 The Killer
              03/29/51 Jungle Legacy
C07667 04/05/51 Jungle Orchids
              04/12/51 Gold Coast Robbery
C07668 04/19/51 Life Or Death
              04/26/51 D Is For Diamonds & Death
C07669 05/03/51 Pirates Of Cape Bandeira
              05/10/51 Contraband
C07670 05/17/51 Lake Of Blood
              05/24/51 Congo Magic
C07671 05/31/51 Jungle Heat
              06/07/51 Jungle Hijackers
C07672 06/14/51 Tarzan & The Stranger
              06/21/51 Arab Vengeance
C07673 06/28/51 Tarzan In Captivity
              07/05/51 Gold Of The Sudan
C07674 07/12/51 Stolen Jewels
              07/19/51 Drum Without A Heart
C07675 07/26/51 Terror At Night
              08/02/51 Danger Off San Laurencia
C07676 08/09/51 Curse Of The Pharaohs
              08/16/51 Head Hunters Of Wombesi
C07677 08/23/51 Trophy Room
              08/30/51 Tarzan's Mistake
C07678 09/06/51 Death Has Small Wings
              09/13/51 Tarzan's Magic Amulet
C07679 09/20/51 Book Of Araby
              09/27/51 Cathedral Of The Congo
C07680 10/04/51 City Of Sleep
              10/11/51 Jungle Odds
C07681 10/18/51 All Presumed Dead
              10/25/51 Small Packages
C07682 11/01/51 The Ghost Of The Karmiki
              11/08/51 Adventure On The Road To Timbuktu
C07683 11/15/51 Strange Island
              11/22/51 Message To Fort Shabier
C07684 11/29/51 African Thanksgiving
              12/06/51 Hunter's Fury
C07685 12/13/51 Trouble Comes In Pairs
              12/20/51 Congo Murder
C07686 12/27/51 Congo Christmas
              01/03/52 Hand Of Death
C07687 01/10/52 The Man From Another World
              01/17/52 Quick Sands Of Wadehara
C07688 01/24/52 The Trail Of Death
              01/31/52 Killer At Large
C07689 02/07/52 First Prize - Death
              02/14/52 Paradise Island
C07690 02/21/52 Demon Of Rongo
              02/28/52 Tarzan & The Simba Hudan
C02147 03/06/52 Omen Of The Emerald
              03/13/52 Volcano Of The Sun
C02656 04/17/52 The Story Of Rays Of Death
              04/24/52 Tarzan & The Lipigor
C02657 05/01/52 Tarzan & The Hot Rod Kid
              06/05/52 The Long Journey