Radio Memories



     First heard as a Don Lee Network West Coast only broadcast beginning on 05/06/48.  The series soon moved on to the Mutual Network on 02/07/49. Sponsored by Nabisco Shredded Wheat.  Howard Culver as heard as Steve Adams   (Straight Arrow), and Fred Howard as Packy McCloud.  292 programs were broadcast before leaving the air on 06/21/51.
C16181 05/06/48 # 1 Stage From Calvaydos
              03/24/49 #60 Land Of Our Fathers
(90 Minute Tape)
C16182 01/20/50 #156 The Leader
              06/21/51 #292 Long Summer
C17297 03/09/50 Scourge
              01/04/51 The Wasteland