Radio Memories

SQUAD CARS (South African)


C16796 Bird Sanctuary Murder
              China Town Store Robbery
C16753 Burglar Alarm Service
              Keep Her Quiet
C16797 The Norguard Case
              Wages Of Sin Is Death
C16798 Kidnapped From School
              Clothing Company Murder
C16754 Sixty Three Year Old Crook
              Murder At a Shop
C16967 Anonymous Phone Call
              Drugs On The Lodestar
C16955 Little Hobby
              CONSIDER YOUR VERDICT (South African)
                 James Parsons
C16981 Oil Drum Murder
C16980 Reporter Assaulted
              Burglar Alarm Robberies
C16979 Will She Jump?
              Stomped To Death
C17459 Jewel Robbery
              Kill One