Radio Memories



     Smilin' Ed McConnell was every kids friend on Saturdays at 11-- 30 a.m.  That was when this series aired from 09/02/44 until 04/11/53 over NBC.  That is when the country tuned in to hear the little boy that lived in a shoe - Buster Brown and his friends Squeeky The Mouse, Midnight The Cat, Grandie The Piano and of course, Froggy The Gremlin.
C10029 00/00/00 Pegasus, The Winged Horse
              03/15/47 Little Neba, Daughter Of Royal Cat Keeper
C10030 05/15/48 Pirate Show
              01/15/49 The Enchanted King
C10031 02/26/49 Kulah's Brother Is Missing
              03/05/49 Alamo, The Race Horse
C10032 04/30/49 A Wolf Named Fang
              08/13/49 Robin Hood Helps A Young Knight
C10033 SMILIN' ED'S BUSTER BROWN GANG 08/23/52 Zaca & the Mutiny
              SMILIN' JACK 12/18/39 Audition Show