Radio Memories



     Before there was Dragnet, and even before Johnny Modero--  Pier 23, there was Pat Novak, For Hire.  The series was originally heard from KGO, San Francicso only over the ABC West Coast Network.  Jack Webb starred as Pat Novak until the spring of 1947 when Ben Morris took over the role.  ABC picked up the series for the full network from 02/13/49 to 06/18/49 again with Jack Webb in the title role.  George Fenneman announced.
w/Ben Morris
C09591 08/03/47 Gambling Ring
              08/10/47 Bookie Outfit w/Jack Webb
C16379 11/23/47 The Linda Reynolds Case
              11/30/47 Death In Herald Square
w/Jack Webb
C09174 02/20/49 Jack Of Clubs
              02/27/49 Marcia Halpern
C09175 03/06/49 Fleet Lady
              03/13/49 Callaway's Pictures
C09176 03/20/49 Rory Malone
              04/02/49 Father Lahey
C09177 04/09/49 Sam Tolliver
              04/16/49 Go Away, Dixie
C09178 04/23/49 Rita Malloy
              04/30/49 Wendy Morris
C09179 05/07/49 Laundry Mix-Up
              05/14/49 Geranium Plant