Radio Memories



     From 07/05/48 to 03/31/51 CBS aired this popular program starring Lucille Ball and Richard Denning as Liz and George Cooper of 321 Bundy Drive, Sheridan Falls.  Also heard in the cast were Gale Gordon, Bea Benaderet and Ruth Perrott.  The writers were Jess Oppenheimer, Bob Carroll Jr., and  Madelyn Pugh (Davis), who also wrote the TV program "I Love Lucy."
C10369 08/06/48 Liz Wants Her Portrait Painted
              08/13/48 Helping Out At the Charity Bazaar
C10370 10/16/48 Liz Returns a Dress
              10/23/48 Needing Dishwasher
C10371 11/13/48 Liz Wants To Learn How To Drive
              11/27/48 The New Neighbors
C14950 12/04/48 Be Your Husband's Best Friend
              12/18/48 Liz's New Dress
C08323 01/07/49 Over Budget
              01/14/49 Piano & Violin Lessons
C08324 01/21/49 Marriage License
              01/28/49 Absolute Truth
C08325 02/04/49 Speech For Civic Organization
              02/11/49 Valentine's Day
C14951 02/25/49 Absent Minded
              05/06/49 Overweight
C15371 03/04/49 George's Mother Visits
              07/01/49 Past Times
C08326 04/08/49 Gum Machine
              04/15/49 Horseback Riding
C08327 04/22/49 Time Budgeting
              06/17/49 George And Television
C14952 05/13/49 Anniversary Presents
              09/16/49 Baseball
C18310 05/27/49 Liz In The Hospital
              06/10/49 Hair Dyed
C08328 06/24/49 Liz Changes Her Mind
              09/02/49 The Elves
C14953 09/23/49 The Attic
              09/30/49 Women's Club Election
C18311 10/07/49 The Raise
              11/25/49 Quiz Show
C14954 10/21/49 Superstition
              10/28/49 Halloween Surprise Party
C14955 11/11/49 Babysitting
              11/18/49 Katy & Mr Negley
C14956 12/02/49 College Homecoming
              12/16/49 George's Christmas Present
C14957 12/23/49 The Sleigh Ride
              12/30/49 Liz & George Handcuffed
C08329 01/06/50 The Question Of Another Woman
              01/13/50 Liz Teaches Iris To Drive
C08330 01/20/50 Liz And The Green Wig
              01/27/50 Liz Writes A Song
C08331 02/03/50 Country Club Dance
              02/10/50 Mrs. Cooper's Boyfriend
C08332 02/17/50 Liz Teaches The Samba
              04/23/50 Liz And Iris With The Same Original Dress
C15372 03/03/50 Women's Rights
              03/12/50 Women's Rights, Part 2
C14958 03/19/50 The Wills
              03/26/50 Liz's Radio Script
C13889 04/30/50 Spring House Cleaning
              05/28/50 Selling Dresses
C12777 06/04/50 George Is Messy
              06/11/50 Liz Learns To Swim
C13890 06/18/50 Liz Wants To Be George's "Pal"
              09/02/50 Selling Old Clothes
C12778 09/09/50 Looking Like Lucille Ball
              10/07/50 Liz Wants a Hobby
C13891 10/14/50 Dinner For Twelve
              11/18/50 Liz Bounces Checks And Takes Math Classes
C12779 11/25/50 Liz's Birthday
              12/09/50 Liz & the Blue Dress
C13892 12/30/50 Liz Wants a Mink Coat
              12/16/50 Christmas Cards
C13893 12/23/50 The Stag Party
              01/27/51 George Drafted