Radio Memories



     Heard from 12/30/42 to 12/18/46 on NBC, and from 07/01/47 to 04/18/55 on CBS.  Jerry North was played by Joseph Curtin and his wife Pam was played by Alice Frost in the early broadcasts.  Richard Denning and Barbara Britton took over the roles later.  Also heard were Mandel Kramer and Staats Cotsworth. Sponsorship fell to Jergens Lotion and Woodbury Cold Cream during the NBC days, and after the series moved to CBS, Colgate-Palmolive.
C09656 Audition (1941) w/Peggy Conklin & Carl Eastman
              Honey Jones w/Joseph Curtin & Alice Frost
C09733 Woman In Red Dress w/Joseph Curtin & Alice Frost
              Charlie Wyatt Murdered w/Joseph Curtin & Alice Frost
C09734 Fool's Gold w/Joseph Curtin & Alice Frost
              The Milkman Caper w/Joseph Curtin & Alice Frost
C09735 Pretty Hands Couldn't Do It w/Joseph Curtin & Alice Frost
              Operation Murder w/Richard Denning & Barbara Britton
C09736 The Fallen Star w/Richard Denning & Barbara Britton
              Deadly Innocent w/Richard Denning & Barbara Britton
C09737 The Crooked Ring w/Richard Denning & Barbara Britton
              Die Hard w/Richard Denning & Barbara Britton
C07001 01/26/44 The Literary Murder
              02/02/44 Mistaken Countess
C10471 Nightwalk # 1
                                # 2
                                # 3
                                # 4
C10472 Nightwalk # 5
              08/02/44 Pam Goes It Alone
C10473 The Missing Sparkler
              Pretty Hands Couldn't Do It
C10474 03/02/44 Gordon Gilroy Murder Case
              08/09/44 Pam Solves a Murder
C16335 1950's Cry Foul
              1950's Collector's Item
C16549 1950's Bet On Murder
              1950's Brother Danny
C17823 Family Affair
              No Vacation From Murder
              House Of Hate
C17824 Masquerade
              Death Is Forever
C16909 Hostage
              Shoot To Kill