Radio Memories



     Just three weeks before Orson Welles stood before the Mutual microphones and began his famous, but brief, career as Lamont Cranston (The Shadow), he produced and directed this first Mercury Theater production with his newly formed group.  This classic Victor Hugo story starred, in addition to Orson Welles, Ray Collins, Alice Frost, Agnes Moorehead, Everett Sloane, Bill Johnstone, Frank Readick, Hiram Sherman, Peggy Allenby, Adelaide Klein, and Betty Garde.  A little less than a year after this series hit the airwaves, Orson Welles started producing and airing his famous scripts on THE MERCURY THEATER ON THE AIR.  The following seven broadcasts are a great example of how good radio could be.
C08299 07/23/37 # 1 The Bishop
              07/30/37 # 2 Jevre
C08300 08/06/37 # 3 The Trial
              08/13/37 # 4 Cosette
C08301 08/20/37 # 5 The Grave
              08/27/37 # 6 The Barricade
C08302 09/03/37 # 7 Death