Radio Memories

Keys To The Capitol


C20417 06/23/54 Eisenhower
              07/14/54 John Foster Dulles
C20418 07/21/54 Indo-China
              07/28/54 Red Chinese Planes In The Far East
C20419 08/04/54 Adjournment Of Congress
              08/11/54 British & American Attitude Toward Communist World
C20420 08/25/54 Fight Over European Defense, Community Treaty
              09/01/54 Censor Charges vs. McCarthy
C20421 09/08/54 Segregation In Public Schools
              09/15/54 How Far Will US Go Helping Chinese Nationalists
C20422 09/22/54 Watkins Committee
              10/06/54 Agreement To Rearm Germany, London Conference