Radio Memories



     First heard over Mutual from 06/25/42 to 02/28/44, then CBS 02/25/44 to 09/27/50 and finally on NBC 07/04/51 to 09/26/51.  This was a spoof on the other quiz shows such as Information Please and The Quiz Kids.  The host/quizmaster was Tom Howard.  Panelists included George Shelton, Harry McNaughton, and Lulu McConnell.  Sponsors heard over the years were Philip Morris, Chrysler and DeSoto.  Ken Roberts and Dick Stark announced.  The following is the first question asked on the broadcast.
C06126 07/14/44 # 93 What Office Does A Presidential Candidate Seek?
              08/25/44 # 99 What Time Of The Day Is Mentioned In This Song?
C06127 09/01/44 #100 Is It True Eskimos Rub Each Other Noses?
              09/08/44 #101 What Town In Massachusetts Had The Boston Tea Party?
C06128 09/15/44 #102 What Is The Habitat Of The Bengal Tiger?
              09/22/44 #103 What Is Name Of The City Mentioned In The Poem?
C06129 09/29/44 #104 What Animal Does A Blacksmith Make Horse Shoes For?
              10/06/44 #105 Give The Name Of The Indian Maiden This Song Is About?
C06130 10/13/44 #106 For What Famous Theatrical
                                        Producer Was The Zigfield Theater Named?
              10/20/44 #107 Complete The Axiom, "Never Cross A Bridge..."
C06131 10/27/44 #108 In The New Moving Picture "Wilson," Who Is The Movie About?
              11/03/44 #109 Where Is The Game Of Ice Hockey Played?
C06132 11/17/44 #110 For What Meal Do We Wear A Dinner Jacket?
              11/24/44 #111 What Do They Serve As The Main Course At A Chicken Dinner?
C06133 12/08/44 #114 In The Song "I'm Dreaming Of A White Christmas," What Is
                                         The Color Of Christmas The Singer Is Dreaming About?
              12/15/44 #115 If A Man Was Born 25 Years Ago, How Old Would He Be Today?
C06134 12/22/44 #116 Can You Tell Me The Man's Name The Children Look For
                                         On Christmas Eve?
              12/29/44 #117 How Long Does It Take A Ship To Make A 5 Day Journey
C06135 01/05/45 #118 For What Animal Do We Buy A Dog License For?
              11/23/45 #164 What Is A Bridal Path Used For?
C06136 12/07/45 #166 From What Animal Do We Get Chicken Liver?
              06/28/46 #182 What Profession Does A Doctor Of Dentistry Practice?