Radio Memories



     Sponsored by Wrigley's Gum and carried over the CBS radio network from 01/07/40 to 08/01/43.  The series then left the air while Gene Autry left for service in the Army Air Corps.  After his return, the program was heard again from 09/23/45 to 05/13/56.  Gene enjoyed a career in personal appearances, in the motion pictures, on radio and later on television.  He was billed as "America's Favorite Cowboy."
C06847 06/29/47 The Devil's Saint
              09/19/48 Uncle Billy Harlow
C22327 (C-90) (New Cassette)
             08/20/49 #137 Guitar Saves Gene
             10/29/49 #138 Counterfeit Money
             00/00/50 Early Career & Will Rogers
C06848 09/19/49 Doc Reardon's Trial
              09/30/50 The Caleb Hooten Story
C06849 06/09/51 Gene Is Held Up & Robbed
              11/01/52 John Loves Martha
C22328 (C-90) (New Cassette)
             06/16/51 Water Rights Controversy
             08/18/51 Early Career & Will Rogers
             00/00/52 Twelfth Anniversary Show (End Clipped)
C06850 09/20/53 Church In Wilson Valley
              01/29/56 Champion Saves Gene & Pat
C18313 Pat Buttram, Private Eye
              Plane Crashes In A Rainstorm
C18314 Rafter M Payroll Is Stolen
              Sour Dough Shorty
C18315 Steve Larkin Dams Up Green Creek
              The $18,000 Payroll Robbery
C18316 The Snider Brothers Story
              The Valley Free Press
C18317 Gene Recovers $200,000
              Hermit's Crossing
C18318 Gene Helps Clem Olson
              Gene Is Robbed & Shot
C18319 Chief Silver Eagle
              Gene Cleans Up Skeleton Pass
C18320 Buck Versus Kate
              Carol Barton Is Kidnapped
C20110 Jeff Marlowe Killed
              Jeff Ross Is Murdered
C20111 La Palona
              Maisie Clark
C20112 Mama Maria's Restaurant
              Mike Carter Comes To Melody Ranch
C20113 Mike Connor's Story
              New Owner At The Square "D"
C20114 Pat Buttram, Private Eye
              Pat Loses Champion In A Shell Game
C20115 Ranger Cliff Howard
              Ross Kendall & The Sentinel
C20116 Sam Crawford Is A Wanted Man
              Sourdough Shorty
C20117 Steve Larkin Dams Up Green Creek
              Steve Williams Held Captive
C20118 The $18,000 Payroll Robbery
              The Concertina
C20119 The Rafter "M" Payroll Is Stolen
              The Red River Valley
C18321 A Hat Full Of Diamonds
             Betty Carson's Cattle Are Poisoned