Radio Memories



     First heard over the NBC-Blue network under the title G-Men starting 07/20/35, and sponsored by Chevrolet, this Phillips H. Lord series became one of the best crime dramas.  With the okay from J. Edgar Hoover, using closed FBI cases, the title was changed to Gang Busters beginning on 01/15/36 along with a network change to CBS.  The sponsor was changed to Palmolive until 06/28/39.  From 10/21/39 to 06/15/40 the sponsor was Cue Magazine.  The series moved back to the Blue (ABC) network starting 10/11/40 and was sustained until 09/18/42 when Sloans began sponsorship which lasted to 04/06/45.  From 09/15/45 until 02/29/48, Waterman sponsored the program with a few sustained broadcasts in between.  Tide sponsored from 03/13/48 to 12/25/48, then the series moved back to CBS with Grape Nuts from 01/08/49 to
06/12/54, Wrigley for most of the 07/05/54 to 06/25/55 period and final broadcasts on CBS.  The series was last heard over Mutual with multiple sponsors from 10/05/55 until the last program on 11/27/57.
C06044 The Twenty-Four Hour Twins
              The Red Hot Readers
C06045 The Case Of John K. Giles
              The Case Of The Throneberry Brothers
C06046 The Rumbold Vault Robbery
              The Park Avenue Pilferers
C06047 The New York Narcotics King
              The Case Of Fierst-Lewis
C06048 The Case Of Billanski-Tillotson
              The Supersonic Safecrackers
C06049 The Tennessee Valley Killer
              The Case Of The Date With Death
C06050 The Three Safecrackers
              The Costume Killer
C06051 The Alcatraz Prison Riot
              The New Jersey Trio
C06052 The Metropolitan Motor Mob
              The Golf Course Murder
C16082 1940's Appointment With Death
              1940's The Case Of the Jersey Butcher Bandits
C06053 11/01/40 The Case Of The Ape Bandit
              10/23/42 The Case Of The Ghostly Prisoners
C06054 06/09/44 The Case Of The Unknown Killers
              00/00/44 The Case Of The Nickel And Dime Bandits
C18926 09/15/45 Harry Red Beaver
              00/00/00 Dakota Bad Man
              00/00/00 Collector Who Robbed Supermarkets
C06055 09/22/45 The Case Of The Red Dress
              11/24/45 The Case Of Matthew Cazzera
C16633 12/22/45 Al Simoni
              12/29/45 The King Of The Big Thicket
C16634 01/05/46 Winston Irving - Robbery
              01/12/46 The Texas Killer
C16635 12/14/46 The Oklahoma Kid
              12/21/46 The Illusive Killer, Part 1
C06056 03/23/46 The Case Of The Westside Gang
              08/16/52 Nicky Small
C06057 06/15/53 The Soldier And Carlos