Radio Memories



     First heard as a audition/test program on the CBS series Forecast, 07/29/40.  The series became a regular on the CBS line up on 03/01/41 and aired for three seasons ending on 06/20/42.  Sponsorship for the first two seasons was by Schick.  Sanka paid the bills for the third season.  The series then moved to the Blue network from 10/06/42 through 06/27/44, sponsored by Ipana.  From 09/15/44 to 06/29/49, on NBC, Ipana continued it's sponsorship. Blatz sponsored from 09/29/49 through 09/21/50, still on NBC.  The series continued under multiple sponsorships on NBC from 11/10/50 until the "last call" on 01/18/52.  Ed Gardner played Archie, the manager of Duffy's Tavern.  Many guest stars appeared in the Tavern.
C00470 07/29/40 (FORECAST #6) (CBS) The Audition Show
              10/19/43 w/Peter Lorre  (NBC-BLUE)
C10445 07/25/43 Frank Buck
              08/28/43 Ida Lupino
C00471 12/07/43 w/Bing Crosby  (NBC-BLUE)
              12/14/43 w/Dinah Shore  (AFRS)
C00472 01/04/44 w/Fred Allen  (1st Minute Of Ginny Simms Show Heard
                                   Due To Recording Mistake By The Engineer.)
              12/25/45 Is There A Santa Claus
C16948 02/22/44 Phil Baker
              04/11/44 Carole Landis
C10446 01/25/44 Deems Taylor
              03/07/44 Colonel Stoopnagle
C10447 03/14/44 Gertrude Lawrence
              04/18/44 Charles Laughton
C10448 05/02/44 Dennis Day
              09/15/44 Rudy Vallee
C18528 05/09/44 #129 Adolphe Menjou
              1945 AFRS Archie's Nephew (Muddy, VG-)
C10449 09/22/44 Gene Tierney
              10/10/44 Robert Benchly
C10450 04/27/45 John Garfield
              06/08/45 Jinx Falkenberg
C10451 11/16/45 Archie Hires Madame Zooma
              01/25/46 Archie's Old Pal Stops By
C10452 02/01/46 Peggy Lee
              04/26/46 Esther Williams
C00473 05/10/46 The Talking Dog  (AFRS)
              05/28/47 The Coming Out Party  (NBC)
C00474 01/07/48 Balancing The Books  w/Gary Moore
              05/19/48 Archie Wants A Raise
C00475 05/26/48 w/Rex Harrison
              12/22/48 Miracle In Manhattan w/Jeff Chandler
C15223 02/09/49 Archie's Philosophy
              02/16/49 Archie's Yearbook
C18530 04/06/49 #318 Archie & Finnegan Double Date
              04/13/49 #319 J. Every Poindexter, Disguised Millionaire
C18531 04/20/49 #320 Cass Daley
              04/27/49 #321 Wants To Marry High Society Dame
C18532 05/04/49 #322 Charles Coburn
              05/11/49 #323 Chester Morris
              09/21/50 #382 Barry Nelson
C18529 05/18/49 #324 Most Popular Bartender
              05/25/49 #325 Ed Wynn
C00476 06/15/49 Archie Wants To Marry w/Bob Crosby
              03/30/50 w/Tony Martin  (AFRS)
C00477 06/05/50 Father's Day
              09/07/50 Army Surplus Helicopter
C00478 01/05/51 Archie Dates Joan Bennett
              01/12/51 A Lady Visits From The Draft Board
C00479 01/19/51 A Literary Society Meeting
              01/26/51 Actor's Club At The Tavern w/Vincent Price
C00480 02/02/51 Archie Runs For Political Office
              02/09/51 Mystery Valentine  w/Shelley Winters
C00481 02/16/51 Archie The Hypnotist
              02/23/51 Arthur Treacher Leaves Duffy's Tavern For Another Show
C00482 03/02/51 Diary of Peter Stuyvesant
              03/09/51 Archie Writes An Opera  (No Close)
C00483 03/16/51 Archie's Fashion Lecture
              03/23/51 Culture Comes To Duffy's Tavern w/Arthur Treacher
C00484 03/30/51 Archie Throws A Block Party
              04/06/51 The Singing Detective  w/Rudy Vallee
C00485 04/13/51 The New Floor Show w/"Slapsie" Maxie Rosenbloom
              04/20/51 Archie The Lion Tamer
C00486 04/27/51 Archie's Books Don't Balance
                               (Repeat Script Of 01/07/48)
              05/04/51 It's Latin Night At Duffy's Tavern
C00487 10/05/51 Archie Throws Party For Columnists
              10/12/51 Duffy Wants To Sell The Tavern w/Boris Karloff
C00488 10/19/51 Archie's Nephew Morton To Visit
              10/26/51 Archie Plays Nephew Morton With School Work
C00489 11/02/51 Spanish Floor Show
              11/09/51 Cultural Singing Contest  (No Close)
C00490 11/16/51 Archie Writes An Opera For TV
              11/23/51 Archie Opens A Tea Room
C00491 11/30/51 Archie Inherits Half A Race Horse
              12/07/51 Baby Left At Duffy's Tavern
C00492 12/14/51 Archie's School Teacher Visits
              12/21/51 Archie To Buy A Split Atom
C00493 12/28/51 Hawaiian Vacation Slogan Contest
              01/05/52 w/Vincent Price