Radio Memories



     The popular singer from The Jack Benny Show was given his own show on NBC in the fall of 1946 beginning on 10/03/46. The sponsor was Colgate and the series was last heard on 06/30/51.  He played the same type of character as on the Jack Benny, this time as a soda-jerk at the Willoughby store.  His girlfriend, Mildred Anderson was first played by Sharon Douglas and later by Barbara Eiler.  Playing Mr. Willoughby was John Brown.  Bea Benaderet and Dink Trout played Midlred's parents Mr. And Mrs. Anderson.
C00524  00/00/46  The Masquerade Ball
               11/14/46  The Radio Script
C00525  12/25/46  The Christmas Show
               02/12/47  Irresistible To Women
C14844  01/01/47  Guest Speaker
               01/22/47  Mistaken For Missing Heir
C00526  02/26/47  Unemployed
               03/05/47  The Mistaken Bank Robber
C00527  03/19/47  Ann
               03/26/47  The New House
C00528  04/09/47  The Drugstore Investment
               04/16/47  The Marriage Counselor
C00529  04/23/47  True Story Magazine
               08/27/47  The Drama Critic
C00530  09/03/47  Dennis Runs For Mayor
               09/24/47  Billy Big Railroad Boss
C00531  10/01/47  The New Jail
               10/15/47  The New Dress Shop
C00532  10/22/47  Selling Insurance
               12/03/47  The Job As Society Editor
C00533  12/10/47  The Bank Loan
               12/17/47  President Of The Ladies Club
C00534  01/14/48  The Stolen Phoney Painting
               01/21/48  The Post Office Job
C00535  01/28/48  The Radio Show
               03/17/48  The Baby Picture Contest
C00536  03/24/48  Saving Weaverville
               04/21/48  Misquoted In Paper
C14861  04/07/48 Does Own Radio Show
               06/16/48 The Great Gambini
C00537  05/05/48  Career Or His Girl
               06/30/48  Donates New Gym
C00538  09/18/48  Out On The Town
               09/25/48  The Rented Room
C00539  10/02/48  Stops Boy From Running Away From Home
               10/09/48  The Football Game
C00540  10/16/48  Worthless Oil Property
               10/23/48  Mildred's New Boyfriend
C00541  10/30/48  Missing Earrings
               11/13/48  The Advice Column
C00542  12/04/48  The Fan Letters
               01/08/49  Job In Weaverville
C00543  01/15/49  Canceled Invitation
               01/29/49  Bad University Marks
C14837  06/23/48  Horse Bet Mix-Up
               02/05/49 Plans To Elope
C00544  02/12/49  The Missing Heir
               03/19/49  The Pretended Heir
C00545  03/26/49  Art Contest
               04/09/49  The Scoutmaster  (AFRS)
C00546  04/16/49  Running For Office
               04/23/49  Part In A Play
C00547  04/30/49  Most Unusual Experience
               06/25/49  Protection Money
C14860  01/01/49 Job As Stable Boy
               08/27/49 A Falling Out