Radio Memories



     The broadcasts opens with, "Washington calling David Harding, Counterspy!"  It was wartime, and the newspaper headlines were filled with espionage cases.  The enemy was Germany and Japan and the scripts for this series mirrored these events.  First heard over the ABC Blue network beginning 05/18/42, it continued until 08/31/50.  Mail Pouch Tobacco was an early sponsor, then Pharmacraft, Schutter Candy and finally Pepsi Cola.  The series then moved to NBC from 10/13/50 until 09/24/53.  Gulf Oil sponsored the bulk of these broadcasts.  The finally series of programs were heard from 10/05/53 to 11/29/57 on Mutual.  David Harding was played by Don MacLaughlin and Mandel Kramer was heard as Peters his assistant.  This was a Phillips H. Lords production.
C14159 07/27/42 #11 Nazis From Mexico
              09/14/42 #17 Spy Captured In Maine
C14465 10/18/49 The Photograph Furrier
              12/20/53 The Diamond Thieves
C17251 08/15/50 The Foolish Father
              02/14/52 Fighting Narcotics
C08906 10/13/50 The Case Of The Foreign Fires
              10/20/50 The Case Of The Curious Conspiracy
C07002 11/03/50 The Case Of The Carbon Consul
              11/12/50 The Stolen Secret
C08907 11/19/50 The Case Of The Pseudo Spuds
              11/26/50 The Case Of The Hideous Hi-Jacker
C08908 12/03/50 The Case Of The Prattling Paper
              12/10/50 The Case Of The Infiltrating Agent  (Speed Problem)
C08909 12/17/50 The Case Of The Invisible Insurrectionist
              12/24/50 The Case Of The Pretty Plant
C08910 01/07/51 The Case Of The Kleptomaniac Clues
              01/14/51 The Case Of The Captured Contact
C08911 01/21/51 The Case Of The Double-Crossing Defender
              10/27/51 The Case Of The Insidious Impersonation
C23559 10/20/51 The Curious Conspiracy
              10/13/51 Foreign Fires
              11/12/51 The Stolen Secret
C19507 00/00/00 Counterfeit Gas Coupons
              02/13/50 Counterfeit Traveler's Checks
C19508 Dream House
              The Camera Happy Crook
C19509 Recruited Nurse
              The Matihari Type