Radio Memories



     This early juvenile science fiction serial, based on a popular comic strip of the same name, relates the exploits of a 20th Century adventurer, who through suspended animation, is transported 500 years into the future to aid the forces of good against Killer Kane and his evil gang.  First heard on CBS from 11/07/32 until 05/22/36.  Most of this run had Curtis Arnall starring as Buck.  Matt Crowley also played the role in the mid 1930's.  The series was heard over the Mutual network from 04/05/39 until the last broadcast on 03/28/47.  Buck's evil foe Killer Kane was played by Bill Shelley and Dan Ocko.  (ADD THIS--  Between 04/05/39 and 07/31/40, the program was sponsored by Popsicle ice cream confections as a three times a week 15 minute program.  Research the three different series dates.)
C06815 04/05/39 # 1 How Buck Arrived In The 25th Century
              04/07/39 # 2 Kane & Ardella Escape; Ship Stolen
              04/10/39 # 3 Barney & Willie Take Ship
              04/12/39 # 4 Kane Plots Uses Of Psychic Restriction Ray
(90 Minute Tape)
C06816 04/14/39 # 5 Kane Releases Willie, With Note To Buck
              04/17/39 # 6 Buck Follows False Rocket Trail
              04/19/39 # 7 Kane Makes An Ally Of Barney
              04/21/39 # 8 Huer Makes A Duplicate Gyro Control
              04/24/39 # 9 Willie Reaches Buck With Kane's Note
              04/26/39 #10 The Trail Is Lost
C06817 04/28/39 #11 Buck & Wilma Discover Barney's Whereabouts
              05/01/39 #12 Barney Returns To Kane With Battle Cruiser
              05/03/39 #13 Mission Completed And Heading For Earth