Radio Memories



     This transcribed Frederic W. Ziv Company syndication, was heard beginning 03/26/51.  78 thirty minute programs were produced starring Humphrey Bogart as Slate Shannon and Lauren Bacall as Sailor Duval.  The writing team of Morton Fine and David Friedkin handled the scripts with David Rose taking care of the musical arrangements.  The series was one of the early programs that used tape recordings.
C09468 Deadly Merchandise
              The Priceless Shanghai Statue
C09469 Thugs And Slugs
              The Blue Moon
C09470 The Tears Of Siva
              Out Of Control
C09471 Black Tie Affair
              Slate's Stolen Identity
C09472 Voo Doo Vendetta
              I'm Going To Die
C09473 Man From Sumatra
              The Big K.O.
C09474 Treasure On Flamingo Cay
              He Who Laughs Last
C09475 The One That Got Away
              Revenge Is Sweet
C09476 With Friends Like These
              The White Envelope
C09477 Escape From Guantanamo
              Crazy Old Carlos
C09478 The Tabard Of Pizzaro
              Cruiser To Bata Bano
C09479 The Chaneys' Wedding
              The 12 Year Promise
C14873 1951 Alice Ramsey's Husband
              1951 Paul Brewer Story
C14874 1951 Joe Ralston
              1951 Haven's Venezuelan Isle
C14872 Matt Jeffrey Poisoned
              George Carson Killed