Radio Memories



     The series originated in Cincinnati and was titled No School Today in 1947.  First broadcast 02/01/50 as a ABC 30 minute program, five days a week, the program was renamed Big Jon & Sparkie.  Big Jon, played by Jon Arthur, was heard at 5:00 p.m.  In 1951 it was reduced to a 15 minute program.  At the same time, you could tuned in Big Jon on Saturdays and listen to a full two hours beginning on 02/18/51.  Around 1951 the show was shortened to 90 minutes.  This weekend edition was called No School Today.  No permanent sponsor was heard, but a variety of sponsorships paid the bills.
C07649 Little Orly, Story Of Tchaikovsky
C07650 Popeye's Story Of Bach
C07651 Story Of Mozart
C07652 Little Orly & The Engine
C07653 Celeste - Little Orly
C07654 Mighty Mouse - Ali Baba & The 40 Thieves
C07655 Trip Through Space
C07656 The Wizard Of Oz - The Wright Brothers
C07657 Little House - Story Of Beethoven
C07658 Hubert - Told By Uncle Lumpy
C07659 Lambert - By Tom & Jerry
C07660 Johnny Appleseed - Story Of Chopin
C14537 Over the Falls In Airplane
              Beginning Voyage Home
              Voyage Home
              Mysterious Speck On Horizon
C14538 Surprise Awaits Mayor
              Surprise Awaits Mayor
              Daffodil Dillie Strikes Again
              Prisoners Of Love
C14539 Ukie Shows Us How
              Ukie Betcha To Rescue
              Sparkie In Control
              Mayor Tells of His Wedding
C14540 Ukie Gets Ready For Wedding
              Unveils Invention
              Mayor's Wedding Day
              Interruption Of Wedding
C14541 Sparkie's Newspaper
              Great Kidnap Mystery
              Telephone Mix-up
              The Detectives
C14542 Stake Out
              Det. Sparkie & Ukie Go To Work
              Gets Idea
              Kidnappers Double Back
C14560 Almost Peace & Quiet
              Plans For Ukie
              Sudden Climate Change
              Not Even Team Of Horses
C14557 Back To Normal
              Surprise For All Concerned
              Kidnappers Escape Again
              Where's Ukie Again
C14575 Big Let Down
              Big Jon Disappears
              Ukie's Moment Of Truth
              Bachelor Party (No Open)
C14561 Canine Mutiny
              What's Wrong?
              Almost Captured
              Dognapper Caught
C14580 Castle
              Up A Tree
              I Knew Him
              Much Ado About Something
C14570 Changes His Mind
              Sparkie Keeps His Word
              Where Has Sparkie Gone
              Sparkie Almost Found
C14583 E Kantankerous For Real
              Ukie Rustwall
              Mayor Gray
              Back To School
C14555 Even Detectives Make Mistakes
              Kidnapping Case Continued
              Kidnapping Case Continued
C14569 Gets Company Again
              Big Decision
              Big Decision #2
              Too Many Cooks Spoil The Cake
C14577 Long Lost Mother
              Number In Mayor's Blue Book
              Who's Little Boy Are You
              Ukie Mystery Continues
C14559 Looks For Lawyer
              Ukie To Sue City
              Look Who's A Lawyer
              Ukie Takes The Stand
C14562 Mayor Shows Them How
              Return Of Ukie
              Ukie Makes Decision
              Surprise In Barn
C14582 Mystery Solved
              Lost & Found
              Last Day Of Vacation
              Trip To E Kantankerous
C14578 Off To Lake Michigan
              Adventure On Lake Michigan
              Ukie Mystery Continues
              John Paul Jones Rescue
C14566 Off To Races
              Racing Machine Tried
              Ukie Cracks Up
              Big Little Race
C14558 Old Clothes Are Good Clues
              Close To the Forest
              Prodigal Returns
              Return Of Ukie Betcha
C14576 Out Of Pan, Into Fire
              Shock In Ukie's Head
              Shock In Head #2
              Shock In Head #3
C14568 Puts Up Screens
              Big Jon Recuperates
              Cheer Up Sick Boy
              Takes The Plunge
C14579 Rescued From Storm
              Not So Welcomed Guest
              What A Sandwich
              Back Home Again
C14574 Rivalry Gets Serious
              Swords Or Pistols
              Duel Fought
              End Of Romance
C14571 Search Continues
              Magic Travel Machine
              Magic Travel Machine #2
              Machine Works
C14565 Sparkie Finds Bug
              Mysterious Butterfly
              Professor Speaks
              Day Butterfly Flew
C14581 Strange Goings On
              Plans To Catch Ghost
              Secret Passage
              Some Light On Mystery
C14563 Surprise In Ukie's Barn
              Drives Racing Car
              More Than One Way To Catch A Fish
              Quiet Day
C14572 Tell It To The Judge
              Ukie Meets The Boss
              Wants To Be Taxi Driver
              Taxi Driver #2
C14564 Ukie Hits Jackpot
              Ukie's Radio Station
              Big Broadcast
              Ratings Are In
C14573 Ukie's Supreme Sacrifice
              Throws Down Gauntlet
              Ukie & Big Jon's Rivalry
              Ukie & Big Jon's Rivalry #2
C14556 Who's Who
              Who's Who Cont
              Tracks Down Clue
              Private Eye Agency