Radio Memories



     Heard from 10/03/51 to 06/30/55 over NBC, Barrie Craig was not much better than an average detective program.  William Gargan played the lead role with Ralph Bell as Lt. Travis Rogers.  The series was first produced in New York with Elspeth Eric, Parker Fennelly, Santos Ortega and Arnold Moss heard in the cast.  The series then moved to Hollywood with Betty Lou Gerson, Jack Moyles, Barney Phillips, Parley Baer, Virginia Gregg and Vivi Janiss taking over the roles.
C09637 05/03/53 Beware the Walking Dog
              06/14/53 The Lost Lady
C09638 07/19/53 Scream For Murder
              08/09/53 (Title Not Known)
C09639 09/22/53 Kitchens Come With Knifes
              10/13/53 Fog Over Murder
C09640 11/03/53 (Title Not Known)
              01/19/54 Strange Vision
C09641 02/02/54 Zero Hour
              03/30/54 The Embezzler
C09642 04/06/54 The Schemers
              05/11/54 The Corpse Who Was Wrong
C14867 07/06/54 The Tough Guy
              07/13/54 Murder By Error
C17086 08/24/54 Blood Money
              08/31/54 Hay Is For Homicide
              09/07/54 Ghosts Don't Die In Bed