Radio Memories



     Arthur Godfrey began his radio career on NBC as a staff announcer in 1930 where he remained until 1933.  He moved to CBS in 1934, again as a staff announcer and very quickly became a personality with his own programs until the end of his career.  This series was heard over the CBS radio network beginning on 04/30/45, as a 30 minute sustaining morning program, five times a week from New York.  It was lengthened to 45 minutes beginning on 08/27/45.  The program length varied from 30 to 60 minutes beginning 04/29/46.  Jack Sterling finally replaced Arthur Godfrey on this particular program starting 11/01/48, but Arthur continued various ARTHUR GODFREY TIME programs until 04/30/72 when he left the air for good.
C06110 04/30/45 First Song: Candy
                               First Network Show  (1st 15 Minutes Only) (Sustained)
             10/17/46 First Song: I've Got A Gal In Larabee
C06111 10/18/46 First Song: Foggy Dew
              10/23/46 First Song: Flagalapa
C06112 10/24/46 First Song: Them, Them, Them
              10/31/46 First Song: Ain't Misbehavin'
C06113 11/05/46 First Song: Red River Valley
              11/06/46 First Song: Blue Skies
C06114 11/07/46 First Song: Jeannie With The Light Brown Hair
              11/08/46 First Song: Old McDonald Had A Farm
C06115 11/13/46 First Song: Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
              12/09/46 First Song: Five Minutes More
C06116 12/18/46 First Song: Coming Back Like A Song
              01/03/47 First Song: Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
                                   Esquire Awards - Billie Holliday
C06117 01/13/47 First Song: 
              01/21/47 First Song: Great Day Medley
C06118 03/26/47 First Song: Good News - Chariots Coming
              06/12/50 First Song: La Via Rose
C17926 09/12/47 First Song: All Of Me
              09/15/47 First Song: I Think You're Wonderful
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C06119 03/30/72 Guest -- Max Morath
              04/03/72 Recalling 1972
C06120 04/05/72 Recalling 1970
              04/10/72 Recalling 1965
C06121 04/11/72 Recalling 1964
              04/12/72 Recalling 1963
C06122 04/19/72 Recalling 1956
              04/20/72 Recalling 1955
C06123 04/21/72 Recalling 1954
              04/22/72 Recalling 1953
C06124 04/23/72 Recalling 1952
              04/24/72 Recalling 1951
C06125 04/25/72 Recalling 1950
              04/26/72 Recalling 1949