Radio Memories



     Heard over the Blue Network (05/31/43 to 12/24/43), Mutual (01/17/44 to 06/02/44), and the NBC network (06/02/45 to 09/05/53), this popular adaptation from the comic strips aired with the sponsorship of Swift and Company (1947-1948) over NBC.  During The Great Gildersleeve's summer break in 1949, Archie aired for Kraft Foods.  Bob Hastings stars in the following broadcasts, which are from the NBC years.
C23452 05/11/46 Poison Candy
              05/18/46 Hip Talk
C23453 06/01/46 The Elephant
              06/08/46 A Story In Real Life
C23478 07/06/46 Masked Marvel
              07/13/46 Stranded On Deserted Island
C23479 07/20/46 The Hammock
              07/27/46 Drugstore Mixup
C01168 03/15/47 The Red Cross Party
              08/09/47 Taking A Bath
C01169 11/13/47 Going To Bed Early
              12/13/47 Christmas Shopping
C01170 05/15/48 The Hiccups
              06/12/48 Archie Fights A Cold
C01171 07/17/48 Wallpapering
              08/21/48 The Picnic
C01172 09/14/48 Late For Summer Dance
              09/21/48 The Flat Tire
C01173 09/28/48 In Love With Teacher
              10/30/48 Halloween Party
C01174 11/06/48 Locked Out Of The House
              11/20/48 Relatives Unexpectedly Visit
C01175 12/04/48 Drugstore Job