Radio Memories



     One of the all time favorite and best remembered radio comedy programs ever.  The country stopped to listen when AMOS 'N' ANDY was on the air.  Beginning as SAM 'N' HENRY over WGN Chicago on 01/12/26, the series became so popular that the name had to be changed when Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll left two years later, and was last heard on 12/18/27.  WGN owned the name and would not let Gosden and Correll take it with them when they moved to WMAQ.  After three months worth of development they were ready on 03/19/28.  Their new station was to be the CBS outlet for the Chicago area and as history now knows the new name became AMOS 'N' ANDY, five days a week.  The series was first heard over NBC RED for Pepsodent beginning on 08/19/29, continuing as a six day a week broadcast until 1932.  It continued as a five day a week program for Pepsodent over NBC until 01/03/38 when Campbell became the new sponsor.  The program moved to CBS, with Campbell as sponsor, on 04/03/39 and continued as a 5 day a week program until 02/19/43 when it again returned to NBC on 10/08/43 but this time as a 30 minute program sponsored by Rinso.  The broadcasts continued on NBC until 07/06/48.  After a summer vacation the CBS network, with Rinso as sponsor, again captured the program.  The Rinso sponsorship continued until 05/08/49.  Rexall took up the shows sponsorship starting 10/09/49 and continued until 05/23/54.  From 09/26/54 until it left the air on 05/22/55, the series had a number of different sponsors.  At the same time, from 09/13/54 until 11/25/60, another series entitled AMOS AND ANDY MUSIC HALL was heard as a 5 day a week, 25 minute program.
AMOS 'N' ANDY  (1929)
C07007 Trouble / Suspicious / Trouble With Letter
              Andy's Chart / Caught With Coats / In Jail
C07008 Father Told / Bail / Meeting Lawyer
              Fingerprints / Law Book / Amos Worried
C01802 08/19/36 2,395th Day Of Broadcasting On NBC  (15 Min)
                                 w/Walter Huston-Lake Arrowhead
              12/04/36  The Mystic Knights Of The Sea  (15 Min)  (NBC-RED)
                                 Minstrel Show
              04/03/39 Marriage Of Andrew Brown  (15 Min)  (1st CBS Show)
              12/24/41 The Annual Christmas Show  (15 Min)
C02557 10/08/43 Andy's New Wife
              10/15/43 The Maestro
C02558 10/22/43 Courtroom Catastrophe
              11/05/43 The Locked Trunk's Secret
C02559 11/12/43 Matrimonial Mishap
              11/19/43 Turkey Trouble
C02560 11/26/43 Man's Best Friend
              12/03/43 Candy For Caroline
C02561 12/10/43 Bookends & Babies
              12/17/43 The Marriage Counselor
C02562 12/31/43 New Year's Eve - 1943
              01/07/44 Making Sapphire Proud
C02563 01/14/44 Orchids & Violets
              01/21/44 Charles Boyer's Valet
C02564 01/28/44 Wind Fall
              02/04/44 Missing Person's Bureau
C02565 02/11/44 Three Times & You're Out
              02/18/44 Ruby's Diamond
C02566 02/25/44 Sunday, Monday Or Always
              03/03/44 Looking For Madam Queen
C02567 03/10/44 Sign On The Dotted Line
              03/17/44 Insurance Fraud
C02568 03/24/44 Hovering Between Life & Death
              03/31/44 Long Lost Harold
C02569 04/07/44 Dating Club Disaster
              04/14/44 The Butler Did It
C02570 04/21/44 Of Sound Mind & Body
              04/28/44 The Brother-In-Law
C02571 05/05/44 The Electric Clock Caper
              05/12/44 Impersonating An Officer
C02572 05/19/44 And The Winner Is...
              05/26/44 Andy, The Fugitive
C02573 06/02/44 Nazi Spy
              06/09/44 Shirt Trail
C15963 06/16/44 Used Car
              04/01/47 Parking Lot
C18414 09/22/44 The Singing Contest
              10/13/44 Hotel House Detective
C18415 10/06/44 Andy - Actor
              10/13/44 Ichthyologist
C18416 10/20/44 Mistaken Identity
              10/27/44 Madame Queen Marriage
C18417 11/03/44 The Nieces
              11/10/44 Employment Agency
C18418 11/17/44 Mother & Daughter DeWitt
              11/24/44 Cleaning Fluid Formula
C01765 12/01/44 Fountain Pen Dealership
              12/08/44 Overnight Investment
C01766 12/15/44 Andy's Fake Suicide
              12/22/44 Christmas Show
C01767 12/29/44 New Years Show
              01/05/45 Andy's Summons
C01768 01/12/45 George Washington's Desk
              01/19/45 Andy Gets Adopted
C01769 02/02/45 Breach Of Promise
              02/09/45 Phony Soldier  (Scratchy)
C01770 02/16/45 Valentine Show (Vol Flux 1st min)
              02/23/45 Jealousy  (One skip)
C01771 03/02/45 Income Tax Woes, Part 1
              03/09/45 Income Tax Woes, Part 2
C01772 03/16/45 Lecture Bureau
              03/23/45 Prentice Clothing
C01773 03/30/45 Easter Hat
              04/06/45 Andy Moves In With Kingfish
C01774 04/20/45 Ride, Red Ride
              04/27/45 Let Me Call You Sweetheart
C01775 05/04/45 Baby Picture
              05/11/45 Double Indemnity
C01776 05/18/45 German Boullion
              05/25/45 Andy Impersonates A Sailor
C14863 03/12/46 Is It Sapphire's Birthday?
              10/15/46 Sapphire Suspected Of Theft
C01777 10/01/46 Kingfish The Realtor
              04/08/47 Finding A Roomer
C19115 11/12/46 #115 The Retroactive Insurance Policy (End Missing)
              04/15/47 #137 The New Evening Gown
C01778 05/27/47 Kingfish Runs A Rest Home
             05/04/48 Andy Saves A Millionaire  (Skips)
C01779 05/18/48 The Mountain Cabin
              05/25/48 California Vacation
C01780 10/10/48 Marriage Broker
              10/17/48 Kingfish The Realtor
C01781 10/24/48 The Fur Coat
              10/31/48 Leroy's Secret Melody
C00774 11/07/48 World Wide Correspondence School
              11/14/48 New York Tourist Site Seeing Agency / FBI
C00775 01/09/49 Kingfish's Conscience
              01/16/49 1877 Nickel
C00776 01/23/49 Baggage Checking Service
              01/30/49 Antique Piano
C00777 02/06/49 Lapsed Insurance Policy
              02/13/49 Widow Parker
C00778 02/20/49 Godfather To Amos' Baby
              03/06/49 Photo Of Jewelry Store Robber
C00779 03/13/49 Andy Engaged To Dorothy Richards
              03/20/49 $100 Worth Of Oil Stock
C00780 03/27/49 Easter Dress - Pawn Shop Robbery
              04/10/49 The Kingfish Is Evicted
C00781 04/24/49 Andy Inherits $2,000
              05/01/49 Kingfish's Boarder
C00782 05/08/49 Kingfish Has No Friends  w/Mel Blanc
              10/16/49 Charmaigne LaRue And Her Mother
C00783 10/23/49 Kingfish's Old Car Used In A Robbery
              10/30/49 Charmaigne & Andy's Pen Pal Both In Town
C00784 11/06/49 Friendly Loan Company  w/Jack Benny, Rochester
              11/20/49 Thanksgiving Dinner
C00785 11/27/49 Sapphire's Birthday
              01/15/50 Abigail Simpson Brown vs. Andrew Brown
C00786 01/29/50 Stolen Suits
              02/05/50 Kingfish Thinks Sapphire Is Expecting Baby
C00787 02/12/50 Partnership In Flower Shop
              03/19/50 Andy In Love With Eloise Walker
C00788 03/26/50 Imitating The Happy Harringtons
              04/02/50 Andy Goes To Charm School
C00789 04/09/50 Is Sapphire Still In Love With Slim?
              04/16/50 Census Taker
C00790 04/23/50 Mystic Knights Of The Sea Convention
              04/30/50 Andy Inherits $25,000 From Uncle
C00791 05/07/50 Nephew Claims Andy's Inheritance
              05/14/50 IRS Claims Andy's Inheritance
C00792 05/21/50 Summer Jobs At Pine Crest Lodge
              10/01/50 Kingfish Drafted
C00793 10/08/50 Kingfish's Enlistment Problems
              12/17/50 Kingfish Suspects Foul Play
C01783 01/14/51 Sapphire Returns--  Stolen Car
              01/21/51 Mama And Hubert Smithers Marriage Resurrected
C01784 02/04/51 The New Parking Lot
              02/18/51 Best In Town
C01785 03/04/51 Sapphire Seen On TV With Another Man
              03/18/51 Uncle Sylvester Getting Married
C01786 04/08/51 Faith In Those We Love -- $900 Investment
              04/15/51 Kingfish More Consciences -- Jobs At Import-Export Garage
C01787 04/22/51 Sapphire In Chicago, Mother-In-Law Stays With Kingfish
              04/29/51 Mama, Brother-In-Law Moves Out, Cousin Sidney Moves In
C01788 05/06/51 Annual Lodge Hall Picnic
              05/13/51 Ramona Thompson Looking For Andy
C01789 05/20/51 Kingfish Has Job As Nightclub Spotter
              05/27/51 Photo Of Jewelry Store Robbery
C01790 06/10/51 Kingfish's Old Flame, Florence Baxter - Last Show Season
              09/30/51 $3,000 Diamond Ring
C01791 10/07/51 Aptitude Test
              10/14/51 Trip To Brazil, South America
C01792 10/21/51 DePiester's Party
              10/28/51 Engaged To Susan Bennett
C01793 11/04/51 New Boarder - Chester Benson
              11/11/51 Sapphire Looking For Romance
C00794 12/02/51 New Neighbors - The Jacksons
              12/09/51 Mix-Up In Andy's Wedding Invitations
C00795 12/16/51 $500 To Break Up Andy & Madam Queen
              12/23/51 Annual Christmas Show (skips)
C00796 12/30/51 Porch Wreckers
              01/06/52 Keeping New Years' Resolutions
C00797 02/03/52 The Piggy Bank  (Cracked acetate on discs causing skips and repeats)
              10/12/52 $2500 Reward For Reggie Simpson - Long Lost Husband
C00798 10/19/52 Jobs At Office Cleaners
              10/26/52 Leroy Returns From South America
C00799 11/02/52 Aunt Harriet Visits
              12/28/52 Mink Stole For New Years' Party
C15440 11/16/52 The 10,000th Broadcast
              02/14/54 Life Story
C00800 02/01/53 Sapphire's Mother Getting Married To Percival Jackson
              02/08/53 Andy Saves Millionaire From Drowning
C00801 02/22/53 Andy's Picture In Detective Magazine
              03/08/53 Mystic Knights Of The Sea Convention
C00802 03/15/53 Chauffeur For Madame Queen
              03/22/53 Kingfish Thinks Sapphire to Have Baby (cracked acetate/skip)
C00803 03/29/53 Andy A Coward
              04/12/53 Andy And Model Constance LaMarr
C00804 04/19/53 Kingfish Working For Peterson Detective Agency
              04/26/53 Mystic Knights Of The Sea Annual Boat Outing
C00805 05/03/53 Seize The Opportunity
              05/10/53 Cabin In Connecticut
C00806 05/17/53 Proxy Marriage
              05/24/53 Kingfish's Old Love Letter
C00807 09/27/53 Kingfish Passes Bad Check To Hospital
              10/04/53 Coatroom Concession - Mink Coat
C00808 10/11/53 Pancake Mix Contest
              10/25/53 Aunt Matilda Looking For A Husband
C00809 11/01/53 The Cat Burglar
              11/08/53 Sapphire's Old Boyfriend
C01794 11/15/53 Ship Leroy's Car To Los Angeles
              11/22/53 New York Sight Seeing Agency / FBI
C01795 11/29/53 Kingfish & Andy In Loan Business
              12/06/53 Cleaning 32 Typewriters
C01796 12/13/53 Uncle Gregory Believes Kingfish Is A Doctor
              12/20/53 Christmas Show
C01797 12/27/53 Lucky Buck Contest
              01/03/54 Andy's New Years Eve Date
C19675 01/10/54 #368 Kingfish & Sapphire's 25th Wedding Anniversary
              01/24/54 #370 Marry Consuella & Lose $25,000
              01/31/54 #371 The Very Nervous Sanatorium
C19676 02/07/54 #372 Advice To The Lovelorn Column
              02/21/54 #374 At Home With The Lovebirds
C01798 02/14/54 Life Story w/Edward R. Murrow, Bill Hayes, Bing Croshy, Jack Benny
              AFRS #267  134th Street Yale Campus
C19677 02/28/54 #375 Sapphire Is A Department Store Buyer
              03/07/54 #376 New Coat For Sapphire's Birthday
C19678 03/14/54 #377 Florabelle Williams
              03/21/54 #378 Applies For A Job In Guam
C19707 03/28/54 #379 Recaptured Romance
              04/04/54 #380 Television Job
C19708 04/11/54 #381 Vacation At Lake Chippewa
              04/18/54 #382 Theresa Wilson
C19709 04/25/54 #383 Reginald Dewinters
              05/02/54 #384 Kingfish Finds A Pistol
C19710 05/09/54 #385 Honeymoon Cottage
              05/16/54 #386 Lakeview Lodge
C19711 05/23/54 #387 Out Of The Past
              09/26/54 #388 A Trip To Florida
C19712 10/03/54 #389 Andy's Engaged
              10/10/54 #390 Momma's Night Out
                                w/Frank Sinatra
                                w/Jack Benny & Liberace
C18349 01/30/55 The Pocketbook
              02/20/55 Romeo & Juliet
                                w/Sara Berner
                                w/Les Brown
C18350 03/13/55 The Wrong Woman Picked Up
              03/20/55 Sapphire Throws Kingfish Out
C18351 03/27/55 Dismal Dell Cabin
              05/01/55 Sapphire Strikes Back
                                - Lodge Picnic
                                - The Last Broadcast  (CBS)