Radio Memories



     This was one of the most popular teenage situation comedies on radio. In 1941 the program carried a 33.4 Crossley which placed it solid in the top ten along side Jack Benny and Bob Hope.  First heard as a summer replacement for Jack Benny, it began on Sunday 07/02/39 over NBC and lasted until 10/01/39.  The program was given its own time slot on Tuesday nights at 8-- 00 p.m. for Jell-O from 10/10/39 until 05/28/40 was heard again on Thursdays from 07/04/40 to 07/20/44.  The series then moved to CBS from 09/01/44 to 08/30/46 sponsored by Grape Nuts and Jell-O on Fridays.  The final move was back to NBC for two runs--  09/05/46 to 06/28/51 on Thursdays and then on Sundays from 09/21/52 until it went off the air on 04/19/53.  Ezra Stone originated the role on stage and was even heard playing the role in several appearances on both the Rudy Vallee and Kate Smith's programs.  Ezra originated the role on radio until he left for service in the Army and then the role fell to Norman Tokar (1942 - 1943), Dickie Jones (1943 - 1944), and Raymond Ives (from mid 1945 until November 1945).  Ezra Stone then resumed his roles until 1952 when Bobby Ellis took over the role as the final Henry.  Supporting players heard were Agnes Moorehead, Mary Shipp, House Jameson, Katharine Raht, Jackie Kelk, and Jack Grimes.  Among the announcers heard was Harry Von Zell and Dwight Weist.
C13604 10/12/39 Barbara Pearson's Ring
              08/18/42 Christmas Cards
C09191 10/17/39 Jealousy Jumble
              02/20/40 Fur And Feathers
C19141 00/00/00 No Tuxedo
              09/15/40 Generous Gentleman
C13605 00/00/00 Love Note To Miss Elliott By Mistake
              12/17/49 Antique Chairs
              00/00/00 Carrier Pigeons
C13393 Duck For Turkey Run
              Henry & Loretta To Dance
C13394 09/22/40 Aunt Harriet & Watch
              03/03/49 Trip To Washington, D.C.
              05/13/49 Kathleen & Cynthia
C14944 02/11/43 Valentine's Day Party
              03/11/43 Seeks Legal Advice
C13205 02/11/43 Two Valentine Parties
              00/00/00 Warm March Day
C14943 04/01/43 Selling War Bonds
              10/23/41 Forgets To Mail Letter
C16206 11/20/44 McCall's Bike
              01/25/45 Church & Chocolate
C09192 06/24/48 Summertime Blues
              09/16/48 A Quiet Night At Home
C09193 10/07/48 Mary's Surprise
              10/14/48 The Great Weiner Roast
C09194 10/21/48 The Babysitter
              10/28/48 Sticky Situation
C09195 11/04/48 The New Hat
              11/11/48 Toy Repair
C09196 11/18/48 Grab Bag Sale
              04/07/49 Blind Date
C09197 04/14/49 Shortstop
              04/21/49 First Date
C09198 04/28/49 First Impressions
              05/05/49 Homer's Anniversary
C09199 05/13/49 Spring Fever
                             Ice Fishing For Fruitcake
C09200 Model Airplane Race
              Mother's Day Dinner
C09201 School Picnic
              The Cross Country Race
C15437 02/21/52 The Debate Team
              11/23/52 Last Turkey For Thanksgiving