Radio Memories



     This series was heard over three of the big four networks.  CBS aired the program from 10/08/44 until 06/11/48.  NBC was next from 10/03/48 until 07/10/49 for one season.  The broadcast then moved to ABC for five seasons   (10/14/49 to 06/18/54).  The series was very popular and had a longer run on television beginning in 1952 and continuing through 1966.  Ozzie and Harriet's two sons did play themselves on radio starting with the 1949 season and grew up in front of the entire country on television.

C10606 08/12/45 Antique Vase
              10/17/48 Promises To Take The Boys Hiking
C10607 10/31/48 Haunted House
              11/07/48 Ozzie Is In A Rut
C10608 11/21/48 The Third Degree
              11/28/48 Intellectual Curiosity
C10609 12/05/48 Bing Crosby, Linsay Crosby
              12/12/48 Worrying About Worrying
C10610 12/19/48 The New Radio / Phonograph
              12/26/48 No Snow For Christmas
C10611 01/02/49 The Knitting Contest
              01/09/49 Sports Heroes
C10612 01/23/49 Card Tricks
              01/30/49 Ozzie Takes Bus Driving Test
C10613 02/06/49 House Cleaning
              02/13/49 Valentine Card
C10614 03/06/49 Crystal Ball
              03/13/49 Income Tax Problems
C10615 03/20/49 Argument About Rover Boys
              03/27/49 Complaints
C10616 04/17/49 Easter Show
              04/24/49 Interesting Girls
C10617 06/01/51 Have A Cigar
              10/05/51 Sales Resistance
C10618 11/16/51 Sidewalk Superintendents
              12/14/51 Going To A Concert
C10619 04/18/52 Home Town Baseball Team
              04/25/52 Too Much Change
C10620 01/08/54 Fifi La Plume