Radio Memories



This comedy team was first heard over radio when they appeared 02/03/38 on The Kate Smith Hour.  They appeared as regulars for two seasons as well as numerous appearances on The Chase And Sanborn Hour with Edgar Bergan. Most of their fans remember them from their 36 motion pictures, they also made personal appearances around the country and later were popular on early television.  On radio they finally had their only series, first heard on NBC from 07/03/40 to 06/27/47 and then over ABC from 10/01/47 until 03/26/49.
C15038 10/15/42 Marlene Dietrich
              11/19/42 Merle Oberon
C11488 01/14/43 w/Claire Trevor
              03/16/44 w/Alan Hale
C17642 11/18/43 Lucille Ball's Nylon Stockings
              11/25/43 Turkey Dinner With Jane Wyman
C15039 12/02/43 To Find Veronica Lake
              02/01/45 Oranges Stolen
C11493 12/09/43 w/Arthur Treacher
              12/16/43 w/Lynn Bari
C11495 12/30/43 w/Bert Gordon
              01/06/44 w/Judy Canova
C19170 01/13/44 w/Peter Lorre
              02/17/44 w/Dorothy Lamour
C15040 01/20/44 Into Trouble With Gildersleeve
              01/27/44 Janet Blair
C11496 02/10/44 w/Charles Laughton
              03/09/44 w/Penny Singleton & Arthur Lake
C18087 03/02/44 Hedda Hopper Joins The Boy's Newspaper
              11/02/44 Lou's Dog Hector
C11497 03/23/44 w/Linda Darnell
              03/30/44 w/Alan Ladd
C11499 04/06/44 w/Cary Grant
              05/04/44 w/John Garfield
C11502 05/11/44 w/Claire Trevor
              10/26/44 w/Matrimonial Bureau
C19171 10/05/44 Investing Costello's Money
              05/08/45 Night In Haunted House
C15041 10/12/44 Invests In Gold Mine
              10/19/44 Withdraws Entire Bank Account
C15393 11/09/44 Wants To Buy a Horse
              11/20/44 Telegram From Old School
C11504 12/07/44 Costello Wants To Sing
              12/14/44 Christmas Shopping
C11533 12/21/44 Christmas Party
              01/11/45 Costello Wants To Be A Sailor
C17643 10/15/42 Dead Pan Gulch w/Marlene Dietrich
              01/18/45 Prepares For Date With Miss Tinfoil
C15394 03/01/45 Await Arrival of Frank Sinatra
              04/26/45 The Andrews Sisters
C15395 03/22/45 Costello Wants To Be a Cowboy
              04/05/45 Car Trouble
C18089 04/19/45 Charm School
              12/13/45 How To Be A Salesman
C11553 05/03/45 Costello The Actor
              06/28/45 Lou Costello Day
C15397 10/04/45 Helping Lena Get In Pictures
              03/14/46 Not Enough Money To Pay Taxes
C11580 11/15/45 Visit To Uncle’s Farm
              11/29/45 Running A Garage
C11585 12/05/45 Firemen
              12/27/45 Beauty Parlor
C11605 02/07/46 Looking For An Apartment
              02/21/46 Costello Looking For A Leading Lady For His New Play
C15396 02/14/46 Job In Apartment/Hotel
              03/07/46 Discover Uranium
C17644 04/11/46 Costello In Court
              06/02/48 Lon Chaney Steals Lou's Girl
C18090 04/18/46 Pet Shop
              04/25/45 Lou: The Sheriff Of North Hollywood
C15398 05/30/46 Prepare For Elsa Maxwell's Party
              05/09/46 Costello Wants To Join The Circus
C17645 05/30/46 Prepare For Elsa Maxwell's Party
              03/06/47 Income Tax Troubles
C18092 06/26/46 Abbott's Big Date
              10/03/46 Costello Is Incorrigible
C18093 12/12/46 Lion Hunting
              02/13/47 Costello The Sailor
C18094 02/27/47 Teaching Marilyn Maxwell To Drive
              03/27/47 Investing In The Stock Market
C17646 05/22/47 Will Marilyn Maxwell Marry Costello?
              06/06/47 Bud & Lou Need Some Dough
C13306 02/26/47 From New York
              03/13/47 At The Racetrack
C13311 04/24/47 To Buy A Lot
              06/02/48 w/Lon Chaney, Jr.
C14553 04/10/47 Costello's Job
              04/17/47 Costello Replaces Joe DiMaggio
C17648 11/25/48 Thanksgiving Show
              12/16/48 Sam Shovel: It Was Time For A Change
C15402 06/23/48 The Inheritance
              07/28/48 Susan Attracted To Lifeguards
C15403 04/21/48 To Open Marriage Bureau
              04/28/48 Costello Looking For Job
C16949 05/05/48 Bela Lugosi
              12/09/48 Sam Shovel: Two Gun Gertie
C19172 05/26/48 Costello Joins The Foreign Legion
              07/07/48 Bud & Lou Plan A Vacation
C13444 06/16/48 w/Benny Rubin
              10/28/48 Tony’s Home Permanent
C17647 09/11/48 Riding With Red Ryder
              01/11/48 Sam Shovel: Sorry, Wrong Number
C18096 11/11/48 Sam Shovel: Sorry, Wrong Rumba
              11/18/48 Parody: The Further Adventures Of Sam Shovel
C18097 11/25/48 Thanksgiving Show
              12/02/48 Sam Shovel Must Perform Surgery
C13445 01/27/49 Custer’s Last Hamburger Stand
              03/03/49 Caught With His Prints Down
C13461 04/28/49 Tony’s Home Permanent
              05/19/49 Dust Be My Destiny