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The Wizard Of Odds (MP3)

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The Wizard Of Odds (Vol. 1)
  00/00/00-1 First Question, What City Has The Largest Population On The European Continent?
  00/00/00-2 First Question, Who Were The Two Presidents With First Name Franklin?
  00/00/00-3 First Question, Which State In This Country Gets The Smallest Rainfall Every Year?
  01/18/47 First Question, What Are The Odds On Princess Elizabeth Getting Married This year?
  01/25/47 First Question, What Are The Odds Truman Will Run Again In 1948?
  02/08/47 First Question, What Are The Odds Of Being Killed In An Airplane Crash?
  03/01/47 First Question, What Are The Odds Against The Break-up Of The British Empire?
  00/00/53-1 First Question, Why Don't Soundmen Like Recording In The Desert?
  00/00/53-2 First Question, Write 999 On A Card, Hold It Upside Down And Look At It In
                            The Mirror, What Would You See?
  00/00/53-3 First Question, What Do We Have More Of In Homes Throughout The Country
  00/00/53-4 First Question, When Is A Dish Called Au Gratin?
  00/00/53-5 First Question, What Are Profits Paid Out To Stock Holders Called?
  09/30/53 First Question, What Percentage Of Women Are Redheads?
The Wizard Of Odds (Vol. 2)
  10/01/53 First Question, What Kills More People, Electricity Or Sleeping Pills?
  10/02/53 First Question, Why Don't More People Get Hit By Falling Coconuts?
  10/05/53 First Question, Accepted Age Of The Earth
  10/06/53 First Question, What "Wonder of the World" Was Built In Memory Of A Man's Wife
  10/07/53 First Question, How Is Dynamite Set Off?
  10/08/53 First Question, What Is The Second Smallest State?
  10/09/53 First Question, What Is The Best Selling Fruit?
  10/13/53 First Answer, Statue Of Liberty
  10/14/53 First Question, What Device Detects Radiation?
  00/00/54-1 First Question, A Private In The Russian Army Gets Paid How Much A Month?
  00/00/54-2 First Question, What Does Arthur Schnabel Do?
  00/00/54-3 First Question, What Is Curling?
  01/12/54 First Question, How Many Cards In A Pinochle Deck?
                         w/Tennessee Ernie Ford substituting for Walter O’Keefe
  01/14/54 First Question, What Is The Name Of Madame Chiang Kai Shek
                                Winner Of The Long Shot Question