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The Story Behind The Headlines (MP3)

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The Story Behind The Headlines
  10/14/38 Minorities And The Threat To World Peace (Slight wow near start)
  10/21/38 Great Britain And The Four Power Pact
  02/17/39 Appeasement Marches On
  10/27/39 The Polish Question Haunts Europe Anew
  05/24/40 The Third Invasion Of France
  11/08/40 The War In Greece
  05/02/41 The Riddle Of The Straits
  11/02/41 Hitlerís Crimean War
  03/29/42 New Zealand As Our Partner In Pacific Defense
  10/18/42 Whatís Happening On Guadalcanal
  01/03/43 Russiaís Winter Offensive
  07/25/43 Resignation Of Mussolini
  12/04/43 Cairo And Teheran
  11/19/44 Russia
  05/16/45 Three American Offensive Actions In The War This Week (VG)
  08/12/45 Atomic Bomb Speeds Warís End (VG)
  10/28/45 Socialism In France And Democracy In Japan
  04/21/46 Price Control In Danger
  07/21/46 Britainís Labor Government Ė The First Year
  08/18/46 Palestine And The Middle East
  10/13/46 The End Of The Paris Peace Conference
  02/09/47 Disarmament And Atomic Control
  03/09/47 Spotlight On Greece