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Tennessee Jed (MP3)

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Tennessee Jed
  11/30/45 #145 Tracking Herd Of Wild Horses
  12/00/45-1 Large Black Mare Spotted In Herd
  12/00/45-2 Gold From Mine Saves The Circle S Ranch (VG+)
  12/26/45 #163 Stopping A New War Between The States
  12/27/45 #164 Nick Dalton & Rat Continue Their Plot To Overthrow The Government
  12/28/45 #165 Nick Dalton Has Captured Tennessee Jed
  01/11/46 #175 Rat Almost Turned Lose On Tennessee Jed & Chief Gray Eagle (VG+)
  01/17/46 #179 Battle With Federal Troops About To Start (VG+)
  01/22/46 #182 Tennessee Jed Made Prisoner And Federal Troops Are Arriving (VG+)
  02/13/46 #198 Rat Releases Two Rattlesnakes On Cookstove And Tennessee (VG)
  03/06/46 #213 Bigfoot And Ace Are Planning A Large Horse Raid
  03/11/46 #216 Rod And Tennessee Caught In Quicksand (VG+)
  05/14/46 #262 Tennessee And Pancho To Stop Gold Theft (VG+)
  05/21/46 #267 Tennessee Plans To Switch Stagecoaches
  05/24/46 #270 Stagecoach To Be Pushed Over Cliff With Tennessee In It
  05/28/46 #272 Stagecoach Over The Cliff But Tennessee Still Lives