Radio Memories

Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown Gang (MP3)

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Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown Gang (Vol. 1)
  11/19/44 The Story Of Billy Staley (VG+)
  05/26/46 Pegasus, The Winged Horse
  07/27/46 Knights & Tournaments
  10/19/46 Gonga, The Elephant Boy
  03/15/47 Little Neba, Daughter Of The Royal Cat Keeper
  08/09/47 Young Detective To Be
  08/30/47 Juan, A Young Carrieb Indian Story
  11/19/47 Robin Hood
  12/13/47 A Plane Called Yankee Doodle
  05/15/48 The Pirates And The Parrots Show
Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown Gang (Vol. 2)
  01/15/49 The Enchanted King
  02/26/49 Kulah's Brother Is Missing
  03/05/49 Alamo, The Race Horse
  04/30/49 A Wolf Named Fang
  08/13/49 Robin Hood Helps A Young Knight (Repeat of 11/19/47 script.  This is restaged)
  03/04/50 Little Fox, Dakota Sioux Indian Boy (AFRS)
  08/23/52 Zaca & The Mutiny
  08/30/52 The Goddess Statue
  09/06/52 The Melon Patch Murder
  09/13/52 Little Fox's Moose Hunt
Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown Gang (Vol. 3)
  09/20/52 The Enchanted South Wind
  09/27/52 The Monkey Gods Murder
  10/04/52 The Boy Who Wouldn’t Obey
  10/11/52 The Whistling Rock
  10/18/52 The Chinese War Lord
  10/25/52 The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow
  11/01/52 The Maharajah’s Ruby
  11/08/52 Food For The Winter
  11/15/52 The Baby Pharaoh