Radio Memories

Father Coughlin (MP3)

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Father Coughlin (Vol. 1)
  02/14/37 "Christianity vs. Communism, Part Two." (VG+) (Sound problems with wow)
  02/21/37 Popular Front vs. Christian Front (VG)
  03/28/37 New Book & Easter Story. "The Meaning Of Easter." (29:48)
  04/04/37 Twenty Years Ago (29:27)
  04/11/37 "Relief Which Failed To Relieve." (29:45)
  11/20/38 The Question Of The Jew, And Of The Christian, And Of Persecution
  11/27/38 Let Us Consider The Record (VG+)
Father Coughlin (Vol. 2)
  12/04/38 Not Anti-Semitism But Anti-Communism
  12/11/38 Persecution And Christianity (End Clipped)
  12/18/38 The Christian And Jewish Concepts Of The Messiah
  12/25/38 Father Coughlin's Christmas Message
  01/01/39 "Americanism -- Neither Nazism Or Communism"
Father Coughlin (Vol. 3)
  01/08/39 "The President's Message To Congress"
  01/15/39 "The Rightists Go Into Action" (Part 2 missing) (43:50)
  01/22/39 "Ten Million Unemployed"
  01/29/39 "Why Leave Your Own?"
  03/12/39 "Bonds And Neutrality"
Father Coughlin (Vol. 4)
  03/19/39 "Social And Economic Reforms"
  03/26/39 "Our Problem Is In America" (VG) (Slight Whistle Throughout)
  04/02/39 The History Of Holy Week
  04/09/39 The Resurrection (VG+)
  04/16/39 Unjust Aggressors
Father Coughlin (Vol. 5)
  04/23/39 Recap Of Last Week's Broadcast / Treaty Of Versailles And The League Of Nations
  04/30/39 So This Is Democracy / Quo Vadis, Whither Goth Thou (VG-)
  05/07/39 Propaganda At Work / The Meaning Of Max Licht Vino's Resignation
  05/14/39 The Mother's Challenge To War Monger's / Motherís Day Message
  05/21/39 Where Do We Stand: For The New Deal, Or Against It, For The
                     Reformers Or The Reactionaries? / Social Justice & Democracy
Father Coughlin (Vol. 6)
  05/28/39 Memorial Day & Pentecost / To The Motherís And Loved Ones Of The Heroís
                     Who Have Fallen (VG) (AM Interference)
  06/04/39 Personal Attacks / Christians Be Militant
  06/11/39 Answers / Questions (Second Half Only) (31:10)
  06/18/39 America For Americans - Neutrality Bill / Thought For The Week
  06/25/39 Government By Man Or Government By Law / Who Wants War
Father Coughlin (Vol. 7)
  07/02/39 Declaration Of Independence / George Washington's Farewell Address
  07/09/39 Letís Have An Armed Guard!
  07/16/39 An Appeal To The Laboring Man (VG-)
  07/23/39 Responses To Elliot Roosevelt's Broadcast Of 07/15/39 (VG)
  07/30/39 The Popular Front Versus The Christian Front (VG) (32:32 to 32:43 Bad Wow)
Father Coughlin (Vol. 8)
  08/06/39 A Living Wage
  08/13/39 To The Laboring Men (VG-) (Open Clipped) (Whistle Throughout)
  08/20/39 The Popular Front (Close Clipped)
  08/27/39 Challenge Of The Pack And The Challenge Of Social Justice / What Of The Future? (VG)
  09/03/39 The Good Samaritan (VG- / Good)
Father Coughlin (Vol. 9)
  09/10/39 Cash And Carry  (VG)
  09/17/39 Cash And Carry Part II (VG)
  09/24/39 Cash And Carry, Part III
  10/01/39 Cash And Carry, Part IV
  10/08/39 Cash And Carry, Part V
Father Coughlin (Vol. 10)
  10/15/39 The Neutrality Bill - The First Steps Towards Communism
  10/22/39 Lifting The Embargo Begets An Emergency, An Emergency Begets A Dictatorship
  10/29/39 Peace & Neutrality / Keep America Out Of War, Do Not Lift The Embargo
                   (Poor) (X-Talk Throughout)
  11/05/39 Subject Of The Embargo Lifting (VG-) (Bad X-Talk)
  11/12/39 Chrysler CIO Industrial Strike
Father Coughlin (Vol. 11)
  11/19/39 Reasonableness Of Strikes
  11/26/39 America Awake! / Strikes And The National Labor Relations Board (VG+)
  12/03/39 The Wagner Labor Relations Act (VG+) (X-Talk Last 3 Minutes)
  12/10/39 Relation Of National Income To Your Day Envelope
  12/17/39 India's Financial Revolt (VG)
Father Coughlin (Vol. 12)
  12/24/39 The Feast Of Christmas (VG-)
  12/31/39 Review Of The Past Ten Years (VG-) (No Opening)
  01/07/40 President Roosevelt's Message To Congress / Concerns To The Christian Family
  01/14/40 Can Man Master The Machine / The Marriage Feast Of Tina (VG)
                      (Audio Problems With The First 15 Minutes.  Bad X-talk)
  01/21/40 I Take My Stand!
Father Coughlin (Vol. 13)
  01/28/40 Discussing A Christian Front
  02/04/40 Father Coughlin Not On This Broadcast - Mostly Music
  02/11/40 The Church And The Social Order
  02/18/40 Will Politicians Be Courageous (VG-)
Father Coughlin (Vol. 14)
  02/25/40 A Revival Of George Washington (VG+)
  03/03/40 Communism Accepts Religion (VG+)
  03/10/40 Christ's Passion And Death
  03/17/40 The Cross And Itís Victim's Sufferings (VG)
Father Coughlin (Vol. 15)
  03/24/40 The Story Of The Resurrection
  03/31/40 Let Us Solve Our Home Problem (VG-) (AM interference)
  04/07/40 Federal Debt And Obligation Bonds
  04/14/40 The Abuse Of Bonds