Radio Memories

Big Town (MP3)

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Big Town (Vol. 1)
w/Edward G. Robinson as Steve Wilson
    Claire Trevor as Lorelei Kilbourne
    Ona Munson as Lorelei Kilbourne about 1940
  10/19/37 Pittsburgh Lil  (First Show)
  10/26/37 The Harding Factory Fire Trap
  10/14/38 The Poultry Racket  (Rehearsal)
  06/30/39 The Reform School  (Rehearsal) (VG-)
  11/00/39 Deep Death (VG-)
  00/00/40-1 Death Rides the Highways (VG-)
  00/00/40-2 The Hit & Run Driver (VG-)
The following star:
w/Edward Pawley as Steve Wilson
    Fran Carlon as Lorelei Kilbourne
  09/05/42 Occupied Paris
  12/12/44 Death Strikes the Hunter (Mystery Playhouse w/Peter Lorre)
Starting The NBC Run
  09/14/48 Blind Justice
  09/21/48 Final Payment (Skips)
Big Town (Vol. 2)
  09/28/48 The Trap
  10/12/48 Double Murder
  10/19/48 The Angel Of The Street
  11/09/48 The Fatal Chain
  11/16/48 Death By Plan
  11/23/48 The Deadly Doll
  11/30/48 I Remember Murder
  12/07/48 The Lost And The Found
  12/14/48 Deadline At Dawn
  12/21/48 Prelude To Christmas
  12/28/48 Dangerous Resolution
Big Town (Vol. 3)
  00/00/49 The Silent Killer (Slight Distortion) (VG) (AFRS)
  01/04/49 The Mask Of Evil
  01/11/49 Nightmare House
  01/18/49 A Date With Death
  01/25/49 The Fatal Fix
  02/01/49 Murder In The Snow
  02/08/49 Death At The Wheel
  02/15/49 The Prisoner's Song
  02/22/49 The Charity Killer
  03/01/49 The Fatal Joke
  03/08/49 The Crooked Eye
Big Town (Vol. 4)
  03/15/49 The Shiny Gun
  03/22/49 The Deadly Summons
  03/29/49 The Chill Of Death
  04/05/49 The Squeaking Rat
  04/12/49 The Lonely Heart
  04/19/49 The Iron Fist
  04/26/49 The Hunter
  05/03/49 The Fatal Alibi
  05/10/49 The Confession
  10/16/51 Murder Is Insane (Slight Distortion) (VG)